Sunday, December 20, 2009

Proton 1.3 Engine

December 21st, 2009 - Proton should not invest in their money for producing 1.3 engine. Saga BLM should not use 1.3 engine as the engine capacity can't support enough with the body weight. It takes time to accelerate. What I think just produce 1.6 and 1.8 engine rather then 1.3 and 1.6. If 1.3 needed, then use other manufactures engine in order to use the money for better research in 1.6 and 1.8 engines with more powerful and less fuel consumption.

Malaysia Government on Spending Military Equipments

December 21st, 2009 - Malaysian armies should equip with more advance and tecnological equipments. It is not wastes of money by purchasing military equipments since it is an investment towards safer nation. Look to Singapore, their govenrment spending a lots of money for their military equipment. Recently, Sinagporean government just purchased 100units of F-22 (if im not mistaken) and a few submarines. To counter this back, Sukhoi should purchase more rather then only 18units. What I think is, the government should double the Sukhoi units and purchase additional Dassault Rafale or European Typhoon Fighter since MiG-29N will be disposed soon plus upgrade our Scorpene submarines with latest technology. That does not enough, Helicopters such as Apache and other helicopters should be purchased to replace our AGING Nuri. Beside that, Airborne warning and latest missiles.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


ACCA exam is near but I hanvn't update my blog for a while because of my studies. I have no time for blogging. I take 3 papers this semester and I taught I can cope with it but unfortunately I have to struggle like HELL to finish my own revision. Now I know it is really ridiculous to study in last minute time unless I did study constantly from the beginning. So good luck everybody in your final ACCA exams! Bye...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Langkawi and Graduation

16 Oct - Wow.... Quite long I haven't updated my blog. I just wen back to Langkawi for my committees trip as I one of the committees of the Association of Professional Accounting Students (APAcS) (UiTM). It was great but unfortunately I have to return back to my house earlier which is on Saturday since I have graduation on Sunday and my open house on Saturday. I only went to Cable car and Telaga tujuh during the day and night I went for BBQ beside the beach. The food was awesome! Crab, Barracuda fish, Kembong Fish, chicken etc... The cable car was really tall and I liked the bridge.

The next day in the morning, I went to some of the shops and bought some chocolates. I was shocked because spend almost RM200 only for the chocolates even though it was cheap. Somewhere in the middle of the morning, I checked out and return back to Shah Alam via Malaysia Airlines with Ucop and Adi since they also graduating tomorrow (18th Oct). Once arrived KLIA, Remon Aznor picked me up there since he had flight from Phuket. Thanxx Remon!! Today my friends spending their time for snorkeling, unfortunately I can't join because I went back home. I'm a bit sad but what I can do. I told my president to do this trip after finals but I'm just an ordinary guy with no power or in other word im just bureau in my association. My voice does not power enough. I'm a bit mad at him plus he didnt refund bus ticket for me. At least it can cover up my flight ticket. Once I returned back home, my family had an open house. It was tiring day for me. At night I went to my lecturer's Open house, Datin Afizah and after that went to my friend's open house, Matt and lepak until 4.00am.. hahahah....

On 18th Oct- I graduated from my Certified Accounting Technicians (CAT) United Kingdom or so called diploma. Now I'm officially graduated...:) Thannx to all my friends and families for coming during that day. I just bought a Police sunglass during the night as a gift for my self since I graduated. hahahah... yelah.. mengharapkan family kasi hadiah beside flowers memang xde lah kan.. hahahha....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

ACCA Compose Your Answer Exam Technique

8th October - I went to ACCA Compose Your Answer Exam Techniques held Menara Hal Seng by my car guided with GPS. I don't even know that Menara Hap Seng is located at Jalan P Ramlee which is opposite of Jalan Bukit Binatang plus I usually park my car at Menara Hap Seng if go to Bukit Bintang. hahaha.. I parked my car thee because it is cheaper compared to paying to unknown people that take care of my car when I parked my car at the at street during the night.

Back to the story, the exam techniques was too short and the price is rm30. I don't think so it is worthwhile because it is only for 2 hours and 30mins. I think the reasonable price is rm20. The pastry was nice! Overall the exam techniques was good conducted my Rys Johnson from Singapore, Head Asean & Australian Study.
2nd week of Hari Raya- a lot of open houses invitations but I managed to go only Zahia, Ardly and Uncle Chop on Saturdays while Pn Sunday I managed to go to Azira, Sheikh, Izyan Rashid and Farhan. The food was delicious especially Zahia, Sheikh (Nasi Udang & Thai laksa), Izyan (deserts) and Farhan (western food) thannx dude!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1st week of Hari Raya!

Hahaha... So many open house invitations this week. I had 8 invitations but only 6 I managed to go which are Hamzah, Farah Nurliyana, Liana Amira, Shafeeqa, Aizat and Kim. A'abid and Syaz couldn't make it coz their houses is really far away. It was a tiring week but I had fun. I'm still wondering why this yr open house doesn't hav a lot of lemang. only a few open house offer lemang as their main dish

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Eid?

This yr Eid Fit-ri celebrated on the October, 21st 2009 and it was really simple and bored maybe because of my grandma passed away on the both sides. we traveled to Taiping on the first day of Hari Raya at 4am and arrived at 6.30am. Furthermore I celebrated my Hari Raya at my mom's hometown in Taiping. Only 3 family members of my mom's side went back to Taiping instead 4 families. I had a great time in Taiping on the first and second day of Hari Raya but that last until evening of second Hari Raya then at night we don't have any ideas to do instead playing my Farmville that I usualy do. My siblings decided to go to the city to catch some DVDS and CDs. After that we went to Old Town White Coffee at Taiping Central instead watching a movie on the second day of Hari Raya. The place quite good for the small city like Taiping. This is my first time went to Taiping Central eventhough it opened for years ago. We went to Sungai Petani to visit my uncle there as he celebrate with his mother in law on the 2nd day of Hari Raya. We returned back home on the 3rd day of hari raya at 4pm and arrived safely at 7pm.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Fasting Month!!

Dear all muslims,

I just want to say Happy Fasting Month and may god bless you. I hope all of muslims will benefits this fasting month and enjoy it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mid-Term CAT & ACCA

TO all ACCA and CAT students, I just wanted to say good luck in your mid-term and all the best!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

UiTM and H1N1

Uitm have been closed for a week due to outbreak H1N1 in UiTM. For me, it wasn't d good solution for a sudden holiday. At least UiTM should be informed the students at least 3days before. I dont think after this there is no H1N1 outbreak in UiTM. Precautions measure is by asking the students to wear the mask and not to close the UiTM for quarantine. There will be a lot of classes in order to catch up our syllabus that we left... H1N1 no longer can be prevent because its everywhere.

Monday, July 20, 2009

UEM Nurture Closing Ceremony

17 July, Petaling Jaya - First of all I would like to thank UEM for this outstanding program. It is a great honored to become the participants for the almost 2 years! This program has been beyond our expectations. There is a lot of experience that we gained and shared that cannot be learned from the text books or other programs that we’ve gone through. I believe the program has shown me, my other friends from Accountancy, Civil and Mechanical Engineering the reality of the world out there. Beside that, this program has also motivated us to become successful persons in the future at least somebody like the YBhg VC and the CEO, YBhg Datuk Mohd Izzaddin Idris. The arrangement of the training programs have been really good ranging from problem solving, managing time, mastermind, interview skills and others. All the knowledge conveyers who taught us and all the things we learned from them will stay in our minds and insyaAllah, become our daily practices. I can see that this Nurture program is not just seen as helping the students but also the industry’s contribution (in this case, UEM Group Bhd) towards building the human capital of the country. You shall see the results in 5 to 10 years time, YBhg and YBhg Dato’. All your kind deeds and intentions shall and will pay off. We are now mentally ready to work hard towards achieving our dreams and goals.
We do hope that this program will continue for our juniors as well. Without UEM, we wouldn’t have this golden opportunity to be nurtured in the most corporate manner. I believe not many companies offer this sort of program. I cannot find a better word to express my appreciation. Perhaps, there are no accounting jargons that could help express our true feeling now when the time for us to be here ends today.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mingle Mingle In The Park 17

11-12, July - The Association of Professional Accounting Students (APAcS) UiTM just organized Mingle Mingle In The Park 17 at D'Perkasa Camp, Gombank for the induction of a new professional accounting students which consists of ACCA, CAT and CIMA. We had a great time but it was a tiring days. For 2days induction, we had captured a few pictures for your view.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


8th July - I just cut my hair yesterday. Hehehehe.. Now I can breath better. heheheh...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Condo for rent @ Vista Angkasa, Bangsar.

Condominium for rent @ Vista Angkasa, Bangsar.

3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

For more information please contact me @ 0132463626

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


What a boring holiday for this semester!! No holiday, no activities bla bla bla.. So I decided to join Fitness First to fulfill my empty time. I work out there so I hope my body will fit enough. hehehe...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dear Friends...

Dear friends,

Please leave a comment for the "Bringing Up A New Level of Life" because it is a conest. thanks a million...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rich Appearance..

updated my blog @ McD Sect 3 using my hp... this is the story... i dont know why. i always been marked with wealthy family. i wasnt rich at all but most of my friends said so but i denied it and no one believed. I admit, I wear expensive brands such as CK, Armani Exchange, Billabong, Tommy Hilfiger but it doesnt mean I'm rich. As I told you before, everyone can be rich look but u have to wear with good brand (not necessary expensive but have to smart). But how do I manage to buy all those brands? You have to do some budgets and dont waste your money on unnecessary expenses. If you have extra money put in your piggy bank. This piggy bank money that you saved before will be use for purchase the clothes. Now you can have rich-looked! Doesnt mean you have to born in a rich family in order to buy expensive clothes. You just need to manage ur expenses carefully. most of rich kids doesnt know how to spend money wisely. Thus it gives credit to average people like me as they know how to manage their expenses properly. :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

September 2010

Yesterday is a sad day for me... Half of my batch just graduated yesterday. Im feel so sad as i become normal track. :( but it wouldn't make me down. now i have to ready and pray to god that i could fly to uk next year to complete my ACCA papers plus Master in Account.

Monday, May 25, 2009


1) Laptop (Because i don't own one)
2) A new car (currently my car is sick and problematic to me)
3) Sunglass and spectecular (I have astig)
4) Preminum Saving Certificate worth RM1k (I Hope I could won the lucky draw)
5) Travel to overseas at least to Jakarta (shopping heaven)
6) Black stainlesss stell watch (I don't have black colour)
7) New MP3 OR handphone (I-touch / HTC HD)
8) Water-proof Camera (Because I dont have one even the normal digital camera)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

When the dreams become reality....

People dreams a lot. Sometimes their dream is not achievable and sometimes it can be achieved. For me, I have my very own dream that most of the people wouldn't believe it. My dreams is to open an airline operator by year 2025, that means I will be 35 yrs old. It sound wasn't realistic by some of other poeple but for me is other way round. You should believe in yourself, plan carefully and your dream turns into reality.. I already plan it even though it is still a long journey. I plan to named my airline is Asian Airlines that will be based in Penang (new market oppurtunities) and few strategies that some people wouldn't think for it (i hope so... hahaha...) I should not revealed it now as u know blog is for public. Perhaps, maybe Dato' Idris Jala (CEO of Malaysia Airlines) will found my blog and implement my strategy to Malaysia Airlines (hahaha... ;p). Now i have to work on it and pray to god to turn my dream become reality.

Life @ McD

Mcd is like my second home. Almost everyday night i will overnight there so I could do some revison. I started to overnight at McD since before my trial exam and i hope it would be last until my final (i hope so..). It just because I can't study @ home. I will sleep, online and watching tv instead of study that I should do so. Now McD will become my second home and place for me study. I hope this could help me to pass and score in the coming June exam.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Malaysia Airlines & Its 5-Star Airlines Status

Malaysia Airlines is well known airline operator in the world that operate from Malaysia with 747, 777, A330 and 737 fleets. Malaysia airlines awarded with 5-Star airlines status for years including this year and major awards such "Best Cabin Crew". But again how Malaysia Airlines maintain its 5-Star airlines status for the next few years with its aging fleet, lack of quality entertainment (A330 for business class only a portable media player with only a few movies can be selected & also to its all economy class). The only way to maintain the status by upgrading its fleet with state-to-the-art entertainment, comfortable seat (maybe wider), gorgeous interior and new aircraft (maintain its safety and performance). By replacing its aging aircraft, it can increase the safety and efficiency on fuel consumption plus increase the capacity of the seats and reduce the maintenance costs as well. Look for the closer competitors such as Emirates (include SPA shower on their A380, gorgeous interior and high quality of entertainment-Ice), Qatar (new fleet and high quality entertainment-Oryx) and Singapore Airlines (new aircraft, Suite on their A380 and wider seat). I understand the economic downturn during this time but at least upgrade their interior and in-flight entertainment instead replacing the aircraft). Maybe MAS should collaborate with universities to do research on how to improve MAS to another level of airline. We as a student understand more as our mind is still young and fresh.

Malaysia Airlines (747 Exterior view)

Malaysia Airlines First Class

Malaysia Airlines Business Class

Malaysia Airlines Economy Class

and compared with....

Emirates 1st Class

Singapore Airlines A380 Suite

Singapore Airlines Business Class

Qatar Economy Class

Friday, May 1, 2009

What I Wish For In Next 5years.

This are the items that I wish to have for the next 5 years. All the items is to motivate me and yet it is a realistic to my profession in the future.

1) A condominium at high end city area with at least 3 bedrooms.
2) A Mini Cooper or Honda Hybrid Civic
3) State-to-the-art PDA, Home Entertainment System etc
4) An investment through saving that worth more than RM15k
5) A stall (e.g 1901 Hot Dog) but with my own brand that sell... (secret lol)
6) Lastly live happily with my girlfriend and so-called future wife.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Water Issue In Selangor

Its been a while i havnt update my blog yet due to lack of ideas and i have trial exam that i should focus more on that. As far as i concern as Selangorian, i can't accept the state government do their billboards that saying "Kambalikan Hak Air Kepada Rakyat Selangor", which means, please return the water to the Selangorians as I saw it a few days ago at Shah Alam near Wetworld round about. First of all I would like to ask them back, what and where sources do u get for your water? Don't you think we already provide with water. Secondly, how the state government control the quality of water and handle efficiency in managing the water to the users? The reasons water been privatized are because to enhance the quality of water and managing the water efficiently. I admit that currently the water quality wasn't clean enogh but cleaner compared to last time which is handle by government. Furthermore, the state government have to bare the cost in managing the water which is really costly. Did the state government manage to provide same quality of water? So think it back... It just a political issue to make more complicated!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I just want to wish you all the best in your trial exams especially for those who are sitting for ACCA and CAT at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) and good luck!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

AirAsia Ticket for SALE!!

AirAsia tickets for sale (2units only available) to Bangkok can be use by 30th June 2009.... Selling price RM200 return on economy.... First come first serve... The reason i'm selling it because i won the lucky draw and due to lack of budget i can't make it to Bangkok. You may contact me at 0132463626.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Formula One...

2009 Formula One at Sepang International Circuit, i attended. This time i'm going with Azam with his BMW 5-series car. Our sitting is at Turquoise, RM1100. The event was good but the crowd are lesser compared to the last year maybe due to economic downturn makes people save money more! The food was really expensive and have to purchase the food bundle with drink and snacks. Cannot purchase ala-carte except for the drink. Overall quite good.

Ferrari Problem Again...

Not again my car Ferrari problem again but his time around happen at night... The starter is not functioning, then I leave my car at Kolej Melati, UiTM.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

APAcS Annual Grand Dinner 2009

21st March - APAcS Annual Grand Dinner held at Sime Darby Convention Centre with 500pax coming on that day. This dinner officiated by Tan Sri Arsyad Ayub, Pro-Chancellor UiTM and entertaining by faculty of Music and artist, Nora. The dinner is under patronage of Maybank and other sponsors as well such as DRB-Hicom, UEM, AM Bank, BSN, Air Asia, MKBC Defence, Anita collection, Bretlink Engineer, Mesiniaga, Dyna Creative, WOW Studio, Sime Darby, Digi & .....

Now im 19th....

21st March - Firstly I would like to thank Allah as I can live and celebrated my 19th birthday this year. With his power I wouldn't live until today. Now I become older, stronger, ready to face the future and more confident in my life. My wish is I would like to live in happy life, greater focus on study, easy to capture what my lecturer teach me, increase in spirituality activities, become successful and good person. Last but not least more matured. hehehe....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Menara Maybank, Meeting APAcS, Mist Club & Cot

16th March - What a tiring day... I just finish the ESQ motivational talk then early in the morning I have to go to Menara Maybank to choose the corporate video. Unfortunately the video havn't prepared yet. So I have to go back to Menara Maybank again and they "destroy" my sleep time on that day..

APAcS Meeting held at level 14 around 6.00pm. I attended the meeting but I have to go back early since my helpers could not stay up until night. So I have to send them.

After sending my helpers (sponsorship), i went to the Mist Club @ Bangsar attending the fashion show and Dream girls party with Nina. I attended the party only for a few hours. Then straightway go to pakli to have my so-called dinner. Then i sending back Nina to her house and straightway to pick up my Cot at Mutiara Damansara. I returned back home around 1.15am.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

ESQ Motivational Talk...

14th & 15th March - I went to Emotional Spirituality Quotation (ESQ) Motivational talk at Maju Junction totally sponsored by UEM. The cost to enter the talk is RM600 per head.

The talk totally extract from Quran (Holy Book of Islam) and given speech by Indonesian. The company is based in Indonesia but they had gave a talk around the globe and highly recognized by peoples. The talk not only open to Muslim but also to non-Muslims as well.

The talk give us how to balance up our life, motivate, leadership skill and... The talk really touch the participant's heart including ME!! Majority of us were crying during on that day.

Not just that, I also meet up my friends from other scholarships. I totally recommended the people out there to go this talk if you have this opportunities. -end-

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mercu UEM and Menara Maybank

11th March - First I went to Samsung service centre to service my hp. Then, I went to UEM Academy first to sent Association of Professional Accounting Students (APAcS) invitation card for our annual grand dinner. After that, I went to Mercu UEM which is headquarters of UEM at KL Sentral to pick up the sponsor cheque amounted RM8k. Mercu UEM is a nice building with state-to-art technology. Maybank is the last one, i had discussion with Maybank's HR department since they agreed to sponsor our annual dinner amounted RM15k. The discussion quite long about 1hour plus. Then I drove back to Samsung service centre to pick up my hp and straight away go to Pakli for our lunch which is around 6.30pm. (Is that we call lunch??) That it was a tiring day!!

Damai & Pavillion....

6th & 8th March - I went to Jalan Damai @ Kuala Lumpur for my night life with my schoolmates. On the 8th, I went to Pavilion to catch a movie with my internet friend. Unfortunately all the tickets are sold. :( so we have to change our plan. So we decided to chill out @ pakli, Shah Alam instead watching a movie. Then, i sent back my friend to Bukit Antarabangsa around 2.00am. After that i have to rush back to shah alam since i drove really midnight. I managed to arrived back to Shah Alam around 3.00am.

Blood Donor??

3rd, March - I'm donated my blood at UiTM. Hahaha... Is it true?? yeah of course!! hahaha... Don't laugh i wasn't lie to u. I was accompany by Faris, Zue & Ainie which is my UiTM's mates. Faris donated his blood too during that day and I wasn't alone that time. I don't feel scared since i can talk with faris and making jokes to overcome my nervous. Seriously it wasnt paintful. I'm also discovered that my blood is 'o' type. Now im proud to be Malaysian.

This are the few pictures taken during that day....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Have you heard before about Urbancare Enterprise company ? Of course you wouldn't hear it. Today on the 4th of March, I just registered one company. Don't ask me why I named Urbancare Enterprise as the company name. This company is manage by my dad in different types of business. Thus this is not my company. But at least i learned how to register a company.Furthermore it is a stepping stone towards become a successful business man. hahahah...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Utama

19th, February - I went to One Utama with Shaza, Ucop, Shinar & Prof. I pick Ucop first at Jati College then Shinar at her house followed by Shaza and Prof. During i pick up Shaza with my kancil's car, my radiator tube suddenly burst up AGAIN and temperature arise quickly. So i have to stop my car and park nearby to Shaza's house. When the temperature cool down, i put some water on my car's radiator then returning back my house to exchange my car with MYVI. Once i exchange, i'll pick up Prof and straight away go to The Loft Condomiium, KL Sentral to pick up my shoe then straight away we go to One Utama. We had Pink Panther 2 movie over there.. The movie i rated 6.5/10. I'll prefered the first one rather then secont one.

Zahra - Puncak Perdana - Pakli

19th February, 8.45pm - I, Khalis and Ejal went to Zahra for chilling @ Zahra, Sect 13 and meet Ikram, Zikri, Acap, Adli and others over there. At 10pm, I, Khalis and Ejal went to UiTM campus @ Puncak Perdana to meet Ejal's friend until 11pm then straight away going back to Pakli. We arrived there around 11.30pm and chilling until 2.00am. Guess what? I drive manual... hahah.. Its been a while I havnt drive manual and I drive wasnt bad. hahaha...


CAT results!!! CAT results made me really dissapointed. :( Im doing fast-track CAT and no longer called fast track as i fail one paper CAT which is T8 audit. Audit is the lowest pasing rate in the world and so called the toughest paper in CAT. T8 is option paper and only being offered 1st time in UiTM during my batch and only two univesity in Malaysia offered in Malaysia which is UiTM & Sunway University College. So im repeating that paper this semester and can't graduate this semester and can't proceed to ACCA. Beside that, i also couldn't get dean's list. :( I'm taking 4 papers and I only failed 1 paper. So Im thinking of to attend ACCA's classes (F5 & F6), PAM (Islamic study), Bel (Critical Thinking) & CAT's classes (T8 or maybe T10 as well).

Dont let the failure fail through out my entire life. I should be strong and proceed with my life. Let the failure taught me how to be strong and ready to face for the future. Life still have to go on and live happily.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Puan Azlina's Daughter and Son Birthday Party!!

8th February - I attending and helping Puan Azlina's kids birthday party @ The Loft Service Apartment, KL Sentral. Puan Azlina is UITM lecturer and she damn rich, lovely and pretty. She made her kids birthday party beside the pool. She also use Party Planner to plan and organise the birthday party. During that day, there is bouncy castle field, sketch-face, cupcake design, singing competition, scoop-a-duck, drawing and snap-and-print. I think this is the best and coolest birthday party I had ever attend. Many VVIP and VIP coming during that day. Puan Azlina's kids were 3 years old son and 7 years old daughter. We think that Puan Azlina spending Rm20k-Rm30k only for the birthday.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bandar Hilir. Melaka

25th Jan - I went to Melaka on 25th of Jan for family holiday. Our actual plan is going to Pulau Pangkor but the hotel is fully booked over there. So we decided to change our plan and going to Bandar Hilir instead of Pulau Pangkor. However we only can stay a night in Melaka since the hotel is fully booked by the tourists, especially by the foreigners and only we can stay at Everly Hills Hotel suite which is located beside the beach. I can't blame the foreigners because they booked earlier then us. I am the only one in my family who doesn't shopping over there. :(

Friday, January 16, 2009


This January i'm so f**king tired with APAcS and UEM Nurture Program. I have to find sponsor for the conference and dinner for APAcS, while UEM Nurture, I have to prepare the budget for Kota Kinabalu program. Even though it sound easy but when you in my position, you will know how tired am i. For the sponsor, everybody keep pointing at me why and why i didn't get sponsor. I'll try my very best to get the sponsor. I already manage to get platinium sponsor from maybank which is rm15000 from helping by aunty nora, head of human capital maybank group for our csr conference and csr annual dinner. Thanks aunty! But the thing is once I got the sponsor they keep asking more and more. As I told you, this is my job and I know how to handle it. Don't pressure me. Yet they simply using the money wasn't wisely! Such as giving a free table for the prizes which cost us rm1k each table.

I have a meeting with general manager of UEM Academy yesterday and it sound positive for my scholarship application. I hope it will come true. That's all for now. I recommend you out there, if you want to have a meeting please do a meeting and straight away do the job because it will prolong the meeting and ....... -END-

Monday, January 12, 2009

Anis's Birthday Celebration

12th Jan - Me and my friends had made a surprise b'day celebration for her 20th Birthday. Anis is my classmate during 1st and 2nd semester at UiTM. We made the celebration 1day earlier since her bf wanted to spent time with her tomorrow. We celebrated her birthday at Pakli Section 7, Shah Alam. This are the few pictures taken during the celebration. Birthday gurl pics havnt upload yet. ;p

The Star Education Fair

10th Jan - The Star Education Fair was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Universiti Teknologi MARA or better known as UiTM had send me there to promote UiTM's ACCA and CAT qualification on that day under ACCA's booth. There are TARC College, Sunway College, Orange International Institute, KDU College, Kasturi International College and UiTM at ACCA's booth. We get good feedback from visitors. UiTM currently is a gold status which is lowered compared to Sunway and TARC College, they are platinum status. Even though we are Gold, our marks is increasing semester by semester as the policy getting strict and student getting better. As told by our Head Program of CAT, UiTM managed to get Platinum status by this semester. Our results is tremendously increased that made ACCA's Malaysia surprised. Where else other colleges results showed -ve improvements.

On that day also, I'll take this opportunity to search a good university in UK for my future study. One of the university i interested is Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) if I have opportunity to study abroad. Beside that, i'll meet other university representative for their ACCA's college for future collaboration such as leadership camp and team building.

This are the few pictures taken during that day....