Monday, April 27, 2009

Water Issue In Selangor

Its been a while i havnt update my blog yet due to lack of ideas and i have trial exam that i should focus more on that. As far as i concern as Selangorian, i can't accept the state government do their billboards that saying "Kambalikan Hak Air Kepada Rakyat Selangor", which means, please return the water to the Selangorians as I saw it a few days ago at Shah Alam near Wetworld round about. First of all I would like to ask them back, what and where sources do u get for your water? Don't you think we already provide with water. Secondly, how the state government control the quality of water and handle efficiency in managing the water to the users? The reasons water been privatized are because to enhance the quality of water and managing the water efficiently. I admit that currently the water quality wasn't clean enogh but cleaner compared to last time which is handle by government. Furthermore, the state government have to bare the cost in managing the water which is really costly. Did the state government manage to provide same quality of water? So think it back... It just a political issue to make more complicated!!

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Adam lah! said...

dear ayi:

my 2 cents.

1. does the current management provide a clean running tap water? if they do, then why do we still need water filters?

2. the water is sourced from the selangor state, does it belongs to the state / the people of the state.

3. taking control of Syabas would only add more money to the state coffers and thus more money to develope and manage the state.

4. do we really need to pay tan sri razali RM5.1 million per yer / RM425000? there are still those who squats in selangor.

5. if the state government does take over syabas, the money spent on paying the director can be put use to manage Syabas itself. :)

there are still hardcore poor in our state. just need to get out of klang valley once in a while.

yours truly,

abang adam