Friday, January 16, 2009


This January i'm so f**king tired with APAcS and UEM Nurture Program. I have to find sponsor for the conference and dinner for APAcS, while UEM Nurture, I have to prepare the budget for Kota Kinabalu program. Even though it sound easy but when you in my position, you will know how tired am i. For the sponsor, everybody keep pointing at me why and why i didn't get sponsor. I'll try my very best to get the sponsor. I already manage to get platinium sponsor from maybank which is rm15000 from helping by aunty nora, head of human capital maybank group for our csr conference and csr annual dinner. Thanks aunty! But the thing is once I got the sponsor they keep asking more and more. As I told you, this is my job and I know how to handle it. Don't pressure me. Yet they simply using the money wasn't wisely! Such as giving a free table for the prizes which cost us rm1k each table.

I have a meeting with general manager of UEM Academy yesterday and it sound positive for my scholarship application. I hope it will come true. That's all for now. I recommend you out there, if you want to have a meeting please do a meeting and straight away do the job because it will prolong the meeting and ....... -END-

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Muhamad Akmal said...

ola ayie.

how r u? hahaha. sengal x soalan aku?

nvm, still nak tnye gak.

aku fhm keadaan ko. jgn stress2 sgt k? take a gud care of urself. jage diri, jage study and jage keje jugak.

kalo ade ape2, bckp la dgn org. jgn simpan sndr2. share the burden.