Monday, July 20, 2009

UEM Nurture Closing Ceremony

17 July, Petaling Jaya - First of all I would like to thank UEM for this outstanding program. It is a great honored to become the participants for the almost 2 years! This program has been beyond our expectations. There is a lot of experience that we gained and shared that cannot be learned from the text books or other programs that we’ve gone through. I believe the program has shown me, my other friends from Accountancy, Civil and Mechanical Engineering the reality of the world out there. Beside that, this program has also motivated us to become successful persons in the future at least somebody like the YBhg VC and the CEO, YBhg Datuk Mohd Izzaddin Idris. The arrangement of the training programs have been really good ranging from problem solving, managing time, mastermind, interview skills and others. All the knowledge conveyers who taught us and all the things we learned from them will stay in our minds and insyaAllah, become our daily practices. I can see that this Nurture program is not just seen as helping the students but also the industry’s contribution (in this case, UEM Group Bhd) towards building the human capital of the country. You shall see the results in 5 to 10 years time, YBhg and YBhg Dato’. All your kind deeds and intentions shall and will pay off. We are now mentally ready to work hard towards achieving our dreams and goals.
We do hope that this program will continue for our juniors as well. Without UEM, we wouldn’t have this golden opportunity to be nurtured in the most corporate manner. I believe not many companies offer this sort of program. I cannot find a better word to express my appreciation. Perhaps, there are no accounting jargons that could help express our true feeling now when the time for us to be here ends today.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mingle Mingle In The Park 17

11-12, July - The Association of Professional Accounting Students (APAcS) UiTM just organized Mingle Mingle In The Park 17 at D'Perkasa Camp, Gombank for the induction of a new professional accounting students which consists of ACCA, CAT and CIMA. We had a great time but it was a tiring days. For 2days induction, we had captured a few pictures for your view.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


8th July - I just cut my hair yesterday. Hehehehe.. Now I can breath better. heheheh...