Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Malaysia Airlines & Its 5-Star Airlines Status

Malaysia Airlines is well known airline operator in the world that operate from Malaysia with 747, 777, A330 and 737 fleets. Malaysia airlines awarded with 5-Star airlines status for years including this year and major awards such "Best Cabin Crew". But again how Malaysia Airlines maintain its 5-Star airlines status for the next few years with its aging fleet, lack of quality entertainment (A330 for business class only a portable media player with only a few movies can be selected & also to its all economy class). The only way to maintain the status by upgrading its fleet with state-to-the-art entertainment, comfortable seat (maybe wider), gorgeous interior and new aircraft (maintain its safety and performance). By replacing its aging aircraft, it can increase the safety and efficiency on fuel consumption plus increase the capacity of the seats and reduce the maintenance costs as well. Look for the closer competitors such as Emirates (include SPA shower on their A380, gorgeous interior and high quality of entertainment-Ice), Qatar (new fleet and high quality entertainment-Oryx) and Singapore Airlines (new aircraft, Suite on their A380 and wider seat). I understand the economic downturn during this time but at least upgrade their interior and in-flight entertainment instead replacing the aircraft). Maybe MAS should collaborate with universities to do research on how to improve MAS to another level of airline. We as a student understand more as our mind is still young and fresh.

Malaysia Airlines (747 Exterior view)

Malaysia Airlines First Class

Malaysia Airlines Business Class

Malaysia Airlines Economy Class

and compared with....

Emirates 1st Class

Singapore Airlines A380 Suite

Singapore Airlines Business Class

Qatar Economy Class

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