Thursday, May 21, 2009

When the dreams become reality....

People dreams a lot. Sometimes their dream is not achievable and sometimes it can be achieved. For me, I have my very own dream that most of the people wouldn't believe it. My dreams is to open an airline operator by year 2025, that means I will be 35 yrs old. It sound wasn't realistic by some of other poeple but for me is other way round. You should believe in yourself, plan carefully and your dream turns into reality.. I already plan it even though it is still a long journey. I plan to named my airline is Asian Airlines that will be based in Penang (new market oppurtunities) and few strategies that some people wouldn't think for it (i hope so... hahaha...) I should not revealed it now as u know blog is for public. Perhaps, maybe Dato' Idris Jala (CEO of Malaysia Airlines) will found my blog and implement my strategy to Malaysia Airlines (hahaha... ;p). Now i have to work on it and pray to god to turn my dream become reality.

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