Monday, January 26, 2009

Bandar Hilir. Melaka

25th Jan - I went to Melaka on 25th of Jan for family holiday. Our actual plan is going to Pulau Pangkor but the hotel is fully booked over there. So we decided to change our plan and going to Bandar Hilir instead of Pulau Pangkor. However we only can stay a night in Melaka since the hotel is fully booked by the tourists, especially by the foreigners and only we can stay at Everly Hills Hotel suite which is located beside the beach. I can't blame the foreigners because they booked earlier then us. I am the only one in my family who doesn't shopping over there. :(

Friday, January 16, 2009


This January i'm so f**king tired with APAcS and UEM Nurture Program. I have to find sponsor for the conference and dinner for APAcS, while UEM Nurture, I have to prepare the budget for Kota Kinabalu program. Even though it sound easy but when you in my position, you will know how tired am i. For the sponsor, everybody keep pointing at me why and why i didn't get sponsor. I'll try my very best to get the sponsor. I already manage to get platinium sponsor from maybank which is rm15000 from helping by aunty nora, head of human capital maybank group for our csr conference and csr annual dinner. Thanks aunty! But the thing is once I got the sponsor they keep asking more and more. As I told you, this is my job and I know how to handle it. Don't pressure me. Yet they simply using the money wasn't wisely! Such as giving a free table for the prizes which cost us rm1k each table.

I have a meeting with general manager of UEM Academy yesterday and it sound positive for my scholarship application. I hope it will come true. That's all for now. I recommend you out there, if you want to have a meeting please do a meeting and straight away do the job because it will prolong the meeting and ....... -END-

Monday, January 12, 2009

Anis's Birthday Celebration

12th Jan - Me and my friends had made a surprise b'day celebration for her 20th Birthday. Anis is my classmate during 1st and 2nd semester at UiTM. We made the celebration 1day earlier since her bf wanted to spent time with her tomorrow. We celebrated her birthday at Pakli Section 7, Shah Alam. This are the few pictures taken during the celebration. Birthday gurl pics havnt upload yet. ;p

The Star Education Fair

10th Jan - The Star Education Fair was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Universiti Teknologi MARA or better known as UiTM had send me there to promote UiTM's ACCA and CAT qualification on that day under ACCA's booth. There are TARC College, Sunway College, Orange International Institute, KDU College, Kasturi International College and UiTM at ACCA's booth. We get good feedback from visitors. UiTM currently is a gold status which is lowered compared to Sunway and TARC College, they are platinum status. Even though we are Gold, our marks is increasing semester by semester as the policy getting strict and student getting better. As told by our Head Program of CAT, UiTM managed to get Platinum status by this semester. Our results is tremendously increased that made ACCA's Malaysia surprised. Where else other colleges results showed -ve improvements.

On that day also, I'll take this opportunity to search a good university in UK for my future study. One of the university i interested is Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) if I have opportunity to study abroad. Beside that, i'll meet other university representative for their ACCA's college for future collaboration such as leadership camp and team building.

This are the few pictures taken during that day....