Monday, April 26, 2010

Dearest Malaysia Airlines

Dear Malaysia Airlines,

I do hope that Malaysia Airlines could replace its older 777-200ER with 777-300ER with latest in-flight entertainment and include with first class on board in order to compete other airlines such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific. More over with a new fleet, it will significantly reduce on cost-per-passenger and enhance customers' flight experience.

Beside that, Malaysia Airlines should purchase Boeing 787 or Airbus 350 that will be used for new routes in future such as Milan, Manchester, Berlin, Dublin, Moscow etc. The aircraft can accommodate lesser passenger compared to Boeing 777-300 or Airbus 340 but the demand on that sector relatively low so Boeing 787 or Airbus 350 is a great choice for that routes.

Malaysia Airlines had bought 6 Airbus 380 and waiting for the delivery late 2011. The aircraft it is not just big but it will give passenger a great pleasure when they ride on the World's Biggest Aircraft. Thus Airbus 380 will significantly increase Malaysia Airlines' name through out the world. Sometimes, the passenger will choose the aircraft based on size of the fleet. From my point of view, Malaysia Airlines should not purchase just 6 A380 but 11 A380. The aircraft can be used for Amsterdam (daily route), London (twice daily route), Taipei-Los Angels (3 times weekly), Sydney (twice daily route), Paris (reduce from 14 times weekly to 10 times weekly with combination of A380 and B777) and Nagoya-San Francisco (3 times weekly). Besides that, Malaysia Airlines should have SPA and shower on their A380 that will give the best 5-star flight experience like-no-other.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Fly high as you dreams,
Think big as you dreams,
Work hard as you dreams,
May your dreams come true.

p/s: Don't just dreams. Do as you dreams and work hard as you dreams. Push yourself to the limits. May your dreams turns into a reality.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I wondering how smart students could score well in exams even though they havnt really study for it. Some of them gifted with smart brain. I wish I'm one of them. No ones in this world are perfect. Being perfect is impossible but you can work on it to be perfect. Sometimes they can score well in exams but it doesn't mean you can work well or become successful person in your career or work. You know yourself well, so you work on it with the PROs and leave the CONs.

Flower & You...

Flowers are beauty,
Sometimes it smells good,
Sometimes it smells bad,
Human is beauty but not everyone is good.


April 18th, 2010 - I just bought a laptop during Pikon PC Fair held in KL Convention Centre. Laptop that I bought is Dell XPS. This is my first time i will be having my own laptop and thank god at last I will have one. I'm a bit frustrated because I have to wait for the delivery up to 14days in order to meet with my specifications that I want. :(