Sunday, March 15, 2009

ESQ Motivational Talk...

14th & 15th March - I went to Emotional Spirituality Quotation (ESQ) Motivational talk at Maju Junction totally sponsored by UEM. The cost to enter the talk is RM600 per head.

The talk totally extract from Quran (Holy Book of Islam) and given speech by Indonesian. The company is based in Indonesia but they had gave a talk around the globe and highly recognized by peoples. The talk not only open to Muslim but also to non-Muslims as well.

The talk give us how to balance up our life, motivate, leadership skill and... The talk really touch the participant's heart including ME!! Majority of us were crying during on that day.

Not just that, I also meet up my friends from other scholarships. I totally recommended the people out there to go this talk if you have this opportunities. -end-

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jackieKOH said...

sorry 4 stalking on ur blog.. haha..

yerp..ESQ was an interesting motivational talk.. infact, i went for it also.. it cost RM350 only bcoz it was held on my uni.. hehe