Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Utama

19th, February - I went to One Utama with Shaza, Ucop, Shinar & Prof. I pick Ucop first at Jati College then Shinar at her house followed by Shaza and Prof. During i pick up Shaza with my kancil's car, my radiator tube suddenly burst up AGAIN and temperature arise quickly. So i have to stop my car and park nearby to Shaza's house. When the temperature cool down, i put some water on my car's radiator then returning back my house to exchange my car with MYVI. Once i exchange, i'll pick up Prof and straight away go to The Loft Condomiium, KL Sentral to pick up my shoe then straight away we go to One Utama. We had Pink Panther 2 movie over there.. The movie i rated 6.5/10. I'll prefered the first one rather then secont one.

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