Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Langkawi and Graduation

16 Oct - Wow.... Quite long I haven't updated my blog. I just wen back to Langkawi for my committees trip as I one of the committees of the Association of Professional Accounting Students (APAcS) (UiTM). It was great but unfortunately I have to return back to my house earlier which is on Saturday since I have graduation on Sunday and my open house on Saturday. I only went to Cable car and Telaga tujuh during the day and night I went for BBQ beside the beach. The food was awesome! Crab, Barracuda fish, Kembong Fish, chicken etc... The cable car was really tall and I liked the bridge.

The next day in the morning, I went to some of the shops and bought some chocolates. I was shocked because spend almost RM200 only for the chocolates even though it was cheap. Somewhere in the middle of the morning, I checked out and return back to Shah Alam via Malaysia Airlines with Ucop and Adi since they also graduating tomorrow (18th Oct). Once arrived KLIA, Remon Aznor picked me up there since he had flight from Phuket. Thanxx Remon!! Today my friends spending their time for snorkeling, unfortunately I can't join because I went back home. I'm a bit sad but what I can do. I told my president to do this trip after finals but I'm just an ordinary guy with no power or in other word im just bureau in my association. My voice does not power enough. I'm a bit mad at him plus he didnt refund bus ticket for me. At least it can cover up my flight ticket. Once I returned back home, my family had an open house. It was tiring day for me. At night I went to my lecturer's Open house, Datin Afizah and after that went to my friend's open house, Matt and lepak until 4.00am.. hahahah....

On 18th Oct- I graduated from my Certified Accounting Technicians (CAT) United Kingdom or so called diploma. Now I'm officially graduated...:) Thannx to all my friends and families for coming during that day. I just bought a Police sunglass during the night as a gift for my self since I graduated. hahahah... yelah.. mengharapkan family kasi hadiah beside flowers memang xde lah kan.. hahahha....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

ACCA Compose Your Answer Exam Technique

8th October - I went to ACCA Compose Your Answer Exam Techniques held Menara Hal Seng by my car guided with GPS. I don't even know that Menara Hap Seng is located at Jalan P Ramlee which is opposite of Jalan Bukit Binatang plus I usually park my car at Menara Hap Seng if go to Bukit Bintang. hahaha.. I parked my car thee because it is cheaper compared to paying to unknown people that take care of my car when I parked my car at the at street during the night.

Back to the story, the exam techniques was too short and the price is rm30. I don't think so it is worthwhile because it is only for 2 hours and 30mins. I think the reasonable price is rm20. The pastry was nice! Overall the exam techniques was good conducted my Rys Johnson from Singapore, Head Asean & Australian Study.
2nd week of Hari Raya- a lot of open houses invitations but I managed to go only Zahia, Ardly and Uncle Chop on Saturdays while Pn Sunday I managed to go to Azira, Sheikh, Izyan Rashid and Farhan. The food was delicious especially Zahia, Sheikh (Nasi Udang & Thai laksa), Izyan (deserts) and Farhan (western food) thannx dude!