Sunday, March 22, 2009

APAcS Annual Grand Dinner 2009

21st March - APAcS Annual Grand Dinner held at Sime Darby Convention Centre with 500pax coming on that day. This dinner officiated by Tan Sri Arsyad Ayub, Pro-Chancellor UiTM and entertaining by faculty of Music and artist, Nora. The dinner is under patronage of Maybank and other sponsors as well such as DRB-Hicom, UEM, AM Bank, BSN, Air Asia, MKBC Defence, Anita collection, Bretlink Engineer, Mesiniaga, Dyna Creative, WOW Studio, Sime Darby, Digi & .....

Now im 19th....

21st March - Firstly I would like to thank Allah as I can live and celebrated my 19th birthday this year. With his power I wouldn't live until today. Now I become older, stronger, ready to face the future and more confident in my life. My wish is I would like to live in happy life, greater focus on study, easy to capture what my lecturer teach me, increase in spirituality activities, become successful and good person. Last but not least more matured. hehehe....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Menara Maybank, Meeting APAcS, Mist Club & Cot

16th March - What a tiring day... I just finish the ESQ motivational talk then early in the morning I have to go to Menara Maybank to choose the corporate video. Unfortunately the video havn't prepared yet. So I have to go back to Menara Maybank again and they "destroy" my sleep time on that day..

APAcS Meeting held at level 14 around 6.00pm. I attended the meeting but I have to go back early since my helpers could not stay up until night. So I have to send them.

After sending my helpers (sponsorship), i went to the Mist Club @ Bangsar attending the fashion show and Dream girls party with Nina. I attended the party only for a few hours. Then straightway go to pakli to have my so-called dinner. Then i sending back Nina to her house and straightway to pick up my Cot at Mutiara Damansara. I returned back home around 1.15am.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

ESQ Motivational Talk...

14th & 15th March - I went to Emotional Spirituality Quotation (ESQ) Motivational talk at Maju Junction totally sponsored by UEM. The cost to enter the talk is RM600 per head.

The talk totally extract from Quran (Holy Book of Islam) and given speech by Indonesian. The company is based in Indonesia but they had gave a talk around the globe and highly recognized by peoples. The talk not only open to Muslim but also to non-Muslims as well.

The talk give us how to balance up our life, motivate, leadership skill and... The talk really touch the participant's heart including ME!! Majority of us were crying during on that day.

Not just that, I also meet up my friends from other scholarships. I totally recommended the people out there to go this talk if you have this opportunities. -end-

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mercu UEM and Menara Maybank

11th March - First I went to Samsung service centre to service my hp. Then, I went to UEM Academy first to sent Association of Professional Accounting Students (APAcS) invitation card for our annual grand dinner. After that, I went to Mercu UEM which is headquarters of UEM at KL Sentral to pick up the sponsor cheque amounted RM8k. Mercu UEM is a nice building with state-to-art technology. Maybank is the last one, i had discussion with Maybank's HR department since they agreed to sponsor our annual dinner amounted RM15k. The discussion quite long about 1hour plus. Then I drove back to Samsung service centre to pick up my hp and straight away go to Pakli for our lunch which is around 6.30pm. (Is that we call lunch??) That it was a tiring day!!

Damai & Pavillion....

6th & 8th March - I went to Jalan Damai @ Kuala Lumpur for my night life with my schoolmates. On the 8th, I went to Pavilion to catch a movie with my internet friend. Unfortunately all the tickets are sold. :( so we have to change our plan. So we decided to chill out @ pakli, Shah Alam instead watching a movie. Then, i sent back my friend to Bukit Antarabangsa around 2.00am. After that i have to rush back to shah alam since i drove really midnight. I managed to arrived back to Shah Alam around 3.00am.

Blood Donor??

3rd, March - I'm donated my blood at UiTM. Hahaha... Is it true?? yeah of course!! hahaha... Don't laugh i wasn't lie to u. I was accompany by Faris, Zue & Ainie which is my UiTM's mates. Faris donated his blood too during that day and I wasn't alone that time. I don't feel scared since i can talk with faris and making jokes to overcome my nervous. Seriously it wasnt paintful. I'm also discovered that my blood is 'o' type. Now im proud to be Malaysian.

This are the few pictures taken during that day....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Have you heard before about Urbancare Enterprise company ? Of course you wouldn't hear it. Today on the 4th of March, I just registered one company. Don't ask me why I named Urbancare Enterprise as the company name. This company is manage by my dad in different types of business. Thus this is not my company. But at least i learned how to register a company.Furthermore it is a stepping stone towards become a successful business man. hahahah...