Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rich Appearance..

updated my blog @ McD Sect 3 using my hp... this is the story... i dont know why. i always been marked with wealthy family. i wasnt rich at all but most of my friends said so but i denied it and no one believed. I admit, I wear expensive brands such as CK, Armani Exchange, Billabong, Tommy Hilfiger but it doesnt mean I'm rich. As I told you before, everyone can be rich look but u have to wear with good brand (not necessary expensive but have to smart). But how do I manage to buy all those brands? You have to do some budgets and dont waste your money on unnecessary expenses. If you have extra money put in your piggy bank. This piggy bank money that you saved before will be use for purchase the clothes. Now you can have rich-looked! Doesnt mean you have to born in a rich family in order to buy expensive clothes. You just need to manage ur expenses carefully. most of rich kids doesnt know how to spend money wisely. Thus it gives credit to average people like me as they know how to manage their expenses properly. :)

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