Monday, March 16, 2009

Menara Maybank, Meeting APAcS, Mist Club & Cot

16th March - What a tiring day... I just finish the ESQ motivational talk then early in the morning I have to go to Menara Maybank to choose the corporate video. Unfortunately the video havn't prepared yet. So I have to go back to Menara Maybank again and they "destroy" my sleep time on that day..

APAcS Meeting held at level 14 around 6.00pm. I attended the meeting but I have to go back early since my helpers could not stay up until night. So I have to send them.

After sending my helpers (sponsorship), i went to the Mist Club @ Bangsar attending the fashion show and Dream girls party with Nina. I attended the party only for a few hours. Then straightway go to pakli to have my so-called dinner. Then i sending back Nina to her house and straightway to pick up my Cot at Mutiara Damansara. I returned back home around 1.15am.

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