Saturday, November 6, 2010

Las Vegas, Anaheim, San Diego, Hollywood, Valencia and Arcadia

October 6th - 21st, 2010 - This is my first time I went to States and this is my longest vacation ever which is almost 3 weeks! TOTALLY TOTALLY GREAT EXPERIENCED!! I've travelled to Los Angeles (City of Angels) and Vegas (City of Lights).

I never taught that I could go to States before I start working. This is something totally unexpected for me. I spend about 3days 2 nights in Vegas, the city of entertainment and gambling city! It took about 3 hours drive from Los Angeles. Vegas I would said that it is very very nice city with full of lights. I never been to any city like Vegas before. This city is totally clean and nice. The people moves around 24-7. The people are busing with gambling during the day and night. For Shopping, Las Vegas is a great place to shopping because the tax rate here is cheaper as compared to Los Angeles. Furthermore, there is a lot of factory outlet here! Of course you need a cash even though it is cheap! For example, u can get Coach handbag here at around $USD150 but in Malaysia would cost you more then $USD600! Electronic devices here is cheaper as compared with Malaysia maybe due to tax differences. I watched Zumanity, Cirque de Soleil in Vegas. Good show and I recommended to all of you but you must consider of your age if you are below 18 because the show is totally 18SX.

Disneyland is great theme park! Very nice theme park among I visited so far. I went to Universal Studio and 6 Flags Magic Mountain as well. Back to the story again, you have to ask yourself which category do u want to go. If its thrill theme park then 6 Flags Magic Mountain is the top priority, in terms of variety of rides and nice theme park then Disneyland is your choice and if you like 3D stuffs and Hollywood movie experience then Universal Studio is your choice.

Traveling to States is something travelling to another world! MAS flights really comforts me as their economy class seat among the biggest ever with 34". MAS operates 3 times weekly. I wish MAS refurbish their Economy seats with better In-Flight Entertainment system.

SIFE World Cup 2010 - Los Angeles

October 10-12, 2010 - SIFE World Cup 2010 this year was held at Los Angeles, USA. The competition held for 3 days. On the first day is registration and Cultural Fair, on the second day is opening round of the competition and the last day is semi-final, final rounds and SIFE World Cup post-party. The competition was entered by 40 teams representing their countries around the globe. MARA University of Technology or better known as Universiti Teknologi MARA representing Malaysia as the university had won the SIFE National Competition 2010 and I'm proudly apart of the team. This is my first time I went to SIFE World Cup and this is my first time I went to United States of America. Let's talk about the SIFE's event first.

On the first day, the Cultural Fair. During the Cultural Fair, I've learned their cultures on each of the 39 countries (excluding Malaysia). Egypt, Puerto Rico and China one of most outstanding countries in promoting their cultures. During the day, I met and made a few contacts. Each of the participants required to wear their clothes that representing their cultures and countries, and I'm wearing Baju Melayu as a Malay traditional clothe. This event is a good event whereby for me, I never been to almost of the participant countries. This would help for me to know their country, learned and feel their culture better.

Second day of the event or the first day of the competition, the opening round, MARA University of Technology (UiTM) was entered on the 1st league and our team had won 3rd place. Only first and second place managed to go to the semi-finals, which is teams from Germany and United Kingdom. I'm totally felt so sad because we didn't managed to go to the further round.

Last day of the event, semi-finals, final round and SIFE Post-Party. SIFE team from Egypt is the champion and followed by SIFE teams from China, USA and India. The SIFE post-party was held at The Groove of Anaheim. This is my first time party with other races under one roof. This is totally great experienced.

Even though we didn't win the competition, but when you look into other points of view, I've learned a lot of things. SIFE it is not just a competition whereby it builds up my soft skills and communication skills. This is a great opportunity for me when I talked with leaders from different backgrounds and organizations. I mixed with other races to build up my contact for my future. I met different organizations that offered me a job. Thus greater employability when you joining SIFE. Joining SIFE it is more than just a fun. It is something when you feel the pleasure and proud to be a part of SIFERs. It helps on your CV! Joining SIFE it is more then just what you have thought!