Saturday, November 6, 2010

Las Vegas, Anaheim, San Diego, Hollywood, Valencia and Arcadia

October 6th - 21st, 2010 - This is my first time I went to States and this is my longest vacation ever which is almost 3 weeks! TOTALLY TOTALLY GREAT EXPERIENCED!! I've travelled to Los Angeles (City of Angels) and Vegas (City of Lights).

I never taught that I could go to States before I start working. This is something totally unexpected for me. I spend about 3days 2 nights in Vegas, the city of entertainment and gambling city! It took about 3 hours drive from Los Angeles. Vegas I would said that it is very very nice city with full of lights. I never been to any city like Vegas before. This city is totally clean and nice. The people moves around 24-7. The people are busing with gambling during the day and night. For Shopping, Las Vegas is a great place to shopping because the tax rate here is cheaper as compared to Los Angeles. Furthermore, there is a lot of factory outlet here! Of course you need a cash even though it is cheap! For example, u can get Coach handbag here at around $USD150 but in Malaysia would cost you more then $USD600! Electronic devices here is cheaper as compared with Malaysia maybe due to tax differences. I watched Zumanity, Cirque de Soleil in Vegas. Good show and I recommended to all of you but you must consider of your age if you are below 18 because the show is totally 18SX.

Disneyland is great theme park! Very nice theme park among I visited so far. I went to Universal Studio and 6 Flags Magic Mountain as well. Back to the story again, you have to ask yourself which category do u want to go. If its thrill theme park then 6 Flags Magic Mountain is the top priority, in terms of variety of rides and nice theme park then Disneyland is your choice and if you like 3D stuffs and Hollywood movie experience then Universal Studio is your choice.

Traveling to States is something travelling to another world! MAS flights really comforts me as their economy class seat among the biggest ever with 34". MAS operates 3 times weekly. I wish MAS refurbish their Economy seats with better In-Flight Entertainment system.

SIFE World Cup 2010 - Los Angeles

October 10-12, 2010 - SIFE World Cup 2010 this year was held at Los Angeles, USA. The competition held for 3 days. On the first day is registration and Cultural Fair, on the second day is opening round of the competition and the last day is semi-final, final rounds and SIFE World Cup post-party. The competition was entered by 40 teams representing their countries around the globe. MARA University of Technology or better known as Universiti Teknologi MARA representing Malaysia as the university had won the SIFE National Competition 2010 and I'm proudly apart of the team. This is my first time I went to SIFE World Cup and this is my first time I went to United States of America. Let's talk about the SIFE's event first.

On the first day, the Cultural Fair. During the Cultural Fair, I've learned their cultures on each of the 39 countries (excluding Malaysia). Egypt, Puerto Rico and China one of most outstanding countries in promoting their cultures. During the day, I met and made a few contacts. Each of the participants required to wear their clothes that representing their cultures and countries, and I'm wearing Baju Melayu as a Malay traditional clothe. This event is a good event whereby for me, I never been to almost of the participant countries. This would help for me to know their country, learned and feel their culture better.

Second day of the event or the first day of the competition, the opening round, MARA University of Technology (UiTM) was entered on the 1st league and our team had won 3rd place. Only first and second place managed to go to the semi-finals, which is teams from Germany and United Kingdom. I'm totally felt so sad because we didn't managed to go to the further round.

Last day of the event, semi-finals, final round and SIFE Post-Party. SIFE team from Egypt is the champion and followed by SIFE teams from China, USA and India. The SIFE post-party was held at The Groove of Anaheim. This is my first time party with other races under one roof. This is totally great experienced.

Even though we didn't win the competition, but when you look into other points of view, I've learned a lot of things. SIFE it is not just a competition whereby it builds up my soft skills and communication skills. This is a great opportunity for me when I talked with leaders from different backgrounds and organizations. I mixed with other races to build up my contact for my future. I met different organizations that offered me a job. Thus greater employability when you joining SIFE. Joining SIFE it is more than just a fun. It is something when you feel the pleasure and proud to be a part of SIFERs. It helps on your CV! Joining SIFE it is more then just what you have thought!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eid Fit-Ri 2010

Eid just past but in Muslim religion, Eid will be celebrated through out a month! So take care of urself and don't eat too much. So Selamat Hari Raya!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

ACCA and results...

August 23rd, 2010 - ACCA results just came out. I took 3 papers, F4: Corporate and Business Law, F6: Taxation and F7: Financial Reporting; and I failed all papers. This is not my first time I fail in ACCA exams but this time around I'm totally disappointed because I failed ALL PAPERS! I studied hard but no luck for me this time around. I believe in myself to be a successful person, we have to face the failure. Failure makes us stronger and better person. This is we called ACCA.

Friday, August 27, 2010

SIFE National Competition!

July 12th-13th, 2010 - Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) had conducted National Competition in Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). SIFE team from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) had won the National Competition and will representing Malaysia in SIFE World Cup Competition that will be held in Los Angeles this October 10th-12th, 2010. Universti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) had won 1st Runner Up. This year, the competition divided into 4 groups with semi-final and final round. SIFE UiTM managed to convey or delivery their projects clearly makes the team won National competition. SIFE UiTM had conducted 7 community outreach projects and only 2 projects presented during the competition. SIFE UiTM will be departing from Malaysia on October 6th and return back to Malaysia with various date starting from October 14th to 24th, 2010.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My life is miserable...

My life currently so miserable due to commitment in my ACCA's exam just around the corner and preparation for SIFE ( competition. Really hectic and tired... Any how, good luck for those who are taking ACCA this coming exams!! All the very best and good luck!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Original Blackberry VS AP Blackberry

As you know, AP Blackberry price relatively cheaper as compared to the original Blackberry. What makes different between AP and Original Blackber y (authorize reseller) it just the AP set might be recondition set or second hand from overseas or a new one from overseas but sell here (Malaysia). Some people willing to pay more as long as original set. Original Blackberry set sales low because when you service or repair the phone it takes at least 1-2months which I think it is so ridiculous even though some of mobile operator did provide temporary hp but sometimes you have to wait for the temporary hp available to lend. The AP set at least takes 3 working days to repair. Furthermore, the service centre located in Singapore which I think very stupid company like Blackberry who set up the service centre in Singapore and not in Malaysia for Malaysian market service centre. So when you purchase Blackberry in Malaysia, think twice before you buy. Especially with the original set.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

MAS A380s Delay Again and Again...

Airbus SAS, the world's largest maker of commercial aircraft, has deferred delivery of Malaysia Airlines' MAS) first of six superjumbo A380s for a third time, without giving a reason. MAS A380 one of the most anticipated aircraft.

The national carrier will now take delivery of its first plane in the first half of 2012 instead of August 2011.It is unclear whether the airline will be compensated for the delay in the delivery of the aircraft. The list price of one A380 is US$315 million (RM1 billion).The new delay in delivery will be a setback for MAS' plans to increase capacity on high-density routes such as London and Sydney. MAS' parent company Penerbangan Malaysia Bhd had initially ordered the six A380s in 2003 for delivery from January 2007 to December 2008.

The delivery of the aircraft was deferred to January 2011 and then to August 2011, due to Airbus encountering problems ramping up the pace of its A380 production, in part because of the large amount of customisation of each plane.It then had to scale back deliveries of its A380s for 2009 and 2010 after customers deferred orders due to the economic crisis.It was reported that MAS had received in excess of RM330 million so far in compensation for the delays.

I think MAS should purchase Boeing 747-8 later on to replace its Boeing 747-400. The delay really take a long time for MAS and it will effect MAS for modernisng its fleets. From my perspective view, MAS should purchase B787 to make direct flight to New York, Stockholm, Zurich, Moscow, Buenos Aires, Milan, Manchester, Berlin, Dublin etc in order to capture the market shares and increase MAS' profit in future. 787 is single aisle aircraft reducing the maintenance cost and further more this aircraft suitable for long haul with low load factor.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Dearest Malaysia Airlines

Dear Malaysia Airlines,

I do hope that Malaysia Airlines could replace its older 777-200ER with 777-300ER with latest in-flight entertainment and include with first class on board in order to compete other airlines such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific. More over with a new fleet, it will significantly reduce on cost-per-passenger and enhance customers' flight experience.

Beside that, Malaysia Airlines should purchase Boeing 787 or Airbus 350 that will be used for new routes in future such as Milan, Manchester, Berlin, Dublin, Moscow etc. The aircraft can accommodate lesser passenger compared to Boeing 777-300 or Airbus 340 but the demand on that sector relatively low so Boeing 787 or Airbus 350 is a great choice for that routes.

Malaysia Airlines had bought 6 Airbus 380 and waiting for the delivery late 2011. The aircraft it is not just big but it will give passenger a great pleasure when they ride on the World's Biggest Aircraft. Thus Airbus 380 will significantly increase Malaysia Airlines' name through out the world. Sometimes, the passenger will choose the aircraft based on size of the fleet. From my point of view, Malaysia Airlines should not purchase just 6 A380 but 11 A380. The aircraft can be used for Amsterdam (daily route), London (twice daily route), Taipei-Los Angels (3 times weekly), Sydney (twice daily route), Paris (reduce from 14 times weekly to 10 times weekly with combination of A380 and B777) and Nagoya-San Francisco (3 times weekly). Besides that, Malaysia Airlines should have SPA and shower on their A380 that will give the best 5-star flight experience like-no-other.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Fly high as you dreams,
Think big as you dreams,
Work hard as you dreams,
May your dreams come true.

p/s: Don't just dreams. Do as you dreams and work hard as you dreams. Push yourself to the limits. May your dreams turns into a reality.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I wondering how smart students could score well in exams even though they havnt really study for it. Some of them gifted with smart brain. I wish I'm one of them. No ones in this world are perfect. Being perfect is impossible but you can work on it to be perfect. Sometimes they can score well in exams but it doesn't mean you can work well or become successful person in your career or work. You know yourself well, so you work on it with the PROs and leave the CONs.

Flower & You...

Flowers are beauty,
Sometimes it smells good,
Sometimes it smells bad,
Human is beauty but not everyone is good.


April 18th, 2010 - I just bought a laptop during Pikon PC Fair held in KL Convention Centre. Laptop that I bought is Dell XPS. This is my first time i will be having my own laptop and thank god at last I will have one. I'm a bit frustrated because I have to wait for the delivery up to 14days in order to meet with my specifications that I want. :(

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


GO confidently in the direction of your DREAMS, LIVE the life you've IMAGINED!!


LOVE is always patient and kind,
It is never be jealous,
LOVE is never boastful or conceited,
It is never be rude or selfish,
It does not take offense and is not resentful.

Burrrpppgurppp King!

March 25th, 2010 - My UiTM friends had thrown a Birthday Party for me @ Burpgurp King Sect 13. I had really fun that night but it wasn't a really surprise for me since I can smell the surprise before the party.. :) What makes me surprise on that night is when Asma' (one of my childhood friends since I was born.. i guees so) she came that night. They put the melted ice cream on my head, cheese cake on my face and flour as well. They throw flour to my car and me like hell... I have to wash my car 3 times to clean in out the flour on my car and 2 times on my body. I think this is one of the best Birthday Party I had so far.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

APAcS Annual Grad Dinner 2010

March 20th, 2010 - This year The Association of Professional Accounting Students organized a dinner held in Putrajaya International Convention Centre. The place really nice. I like the place very well but a bit far from UiTM and my place as well. The foods I rated average for me. No desert except fruits and no tea. They only served coffee. Performance in terms on quality improved but in terms of quantity reduced. I really hate their time management. They should monitor and managed their time carefully. I'm one of the Chronicles helpers. I've been waiting almost 1hour at the back stage waiting for the launch! At least they should inform me about the delays so I can hangs around with my friends, eat or take pictures. Overall I rated APAcS Dinner 2009 is the best I had ever attend.

20th Birthday!

I'm 20 years old on the 21st March 2010 ago. I felt older but I'm glad with my age. Hurmmm.. Age it just a number right. I dunno why this year, I don't have any resolution to made. Still single and available.. huhuhu... I really appreciate for those who celebrating my birthday and especially bday gifts!! ;p

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Im a bit disappointed with my results because I'm well prepared especially for my F4 Law paper. hurmm.. what to do.. life still have to goes on and that's we call ACCA...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

SIFE Conference @ Genting Highlands

January 16th, 2010 - I went to SIFE Conference in Genting Highlands gathered almost from 20 different universities and colleges. The conference was quite good but it should be improved by telling the audiences the benefits of joining SIFE. The organizer should be punctual. We ate 6 times daily and my stomach almost burst up. hahhaha.... We karaoke at night and met some new friends there. We really close with SIFE MMU. They rocks too..!

Kg Gajah Perak

January 9th 2010 - I went to UiTM Training Facilities in Kg Gajah Perak since I was invited by SIFE Penang to tell them what SIFE is. They call me 2months ago since I'm the President for SIFE UiTM Shah Alam. I spent there from Friday till Sunday. UiTM's driver sent me there and it took 1 hour and 30minutes journey. The place quite good like 2star hotel. hahhaha.... For those who want to know about SIFE, please log on to

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eireen Camelia, Zahia & Mimi Dayana Yahya

Special write to my best buddies.. 1st of all I would like to wish Eireen Camelia Rusli, Zahia and Mimi Dayana Yahya for their birthday!! So Happy Birthday!!

Eireen: January 5th, 1991
Zahia: January 12th, 1990
Mimi: January 13th, 1990

Monday, January 4, 2010

Outing at Bukit Section 12, Shah Alam

3rd Jan 2010 - Outing day to fulfill my boring day with some SMKS9 friends!


Happy New Year to Everyone!! May 2010 is a great year to us. Themed 2010 for me is making money year!

Jakarta - Bandung!

27th -31st December 2009 - I just returned back from Jakarta and Bandung for my holidays. It was fun and I had a great time. I meet my existing and newly friends there. Indonesians are really friendly like Malaysian too but not like Singaporeans... However, there is a few things that Indonesian government should improve their country such as public transport (equip with a new buses and LRT/MRT) & no illegal potter service. Some of "worm" bought the train ticket 1st and sell it at higher price to us. So when the customer go to the counter, the tickets are sold out and these worms come to us and sell it at higher price. I felt they cheated me very well. The government should supervise or using ticketing machine to prevent this. I hate the potter service because they are forcing us to use their service and sometimes they do first then request for the tips! The food wasn't really cheap but an average is cheaper then Malaysia cafe. Their train should be upgraded or at least the cleanliness should be improved. When it comes to shopping in Jakarta, u have to do survey in your country 1st because i found that some of the brands it is more expensive compared to my country, Malaysia. However, in Bandung, u have to find a good and quality outlet and every things is cheap. I like Amanda brownies in Bandung. The brownies so tasty and wide range of flavors. Lastly don;t forget to eat baked cheese banana! I like Indonesia very much and I will go there again.