Wednesday, December 31, 2008


31st December - Me, Nina, Redza & Kamarul just celebrated New Year Eve countdown 2009 @ The Curve, then we meet Nisa & Aisyah, my classmates during secondary school. We had play snow spray and ribbon spray over there and it was fun! After we went to The Curve, we had our dinner + breakfast at Pakli, Section 7, Shah Alam around 2.00am and straight away go back home after our meals.


Hey... Happy New Year!!! Happy 2009!! hehehe... I hope 2009 will bring a joyful journey, full of happiness and luck for me and you. Once again, Happy New Year!!! New resolution, new beginning of year and new life. Make 2009 really a life. :)


31st December - I went to Cheras today around 12pm for finding a good university for my future study in uk with my senior in UiTM, Redza or so called my bro which is my friends usually told me. So I meet up an Uk's university agent in Malaysia at Cheras for discuss the choices of university available. So I decided to persue study at UK
for my ACCA professional level plus Master in Account.

After that, I went to One Utama with Redza to accompany him for shopping. He had just bought a Nike shoe over there. I buy nothing. hahahah...

Around 2.30 we returned back and straight away having our lunch at TTDi Jaya. We had Char Kuey Teow over there. After we finish our lunch then we straight away returned back home. -End-

Dolly's Bday Party!!

28 December - My sister, Dolly had just celebrated her belated 8th years old birthday at my TTDi Jaya's house. Red and white choosen by her as a theme for the birthday party as she really like and addicted with High School Musical! What a boring??!! Haha.. Kids right? We used to be liked that during our kids time. So i have to accept that. The birthday cake we make a special order for her which is High School Musical's cake and the party design by my mom's shop as she doing interior desinger, wedding planner and party planner. Hehe... Actually her birthday falls on 26th, December which is on Thursday. So we decided to celebrate her birthday on weekend on 28th December, 2008 (Sunday) as my mom work on weekdays and a lots of people couldn't come if we make the party on weekdays. This are the few pictures taken during that day....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Check this out....

Hey babe... Check this out.... or click here

Friday, December 26, 2008

Life @ Mcd Sect 3.

I studied almost every nights for my final exams at Mcdonald Section 3 from 10pm to 6am last month (November and a few days on December). I hope I could pass the exams. Mcd is like my second house during finals. hehehe... I really wish that I could proceed with ACCA without repeat any CAT papers. Redza, Zue, Azira, Asyrin, and..... of my friends were stayed up with me last time. I arrived at home around 6.20am every day and wake up at 12.00pm. Then I took my bath and breakfast and straight away go to UiTM's library until 6.30pm every weekdays. I rest until 10.00pm then i drove to Mcd. During my rest time, i had sleep for a few minutes, bathing and dinner. I don't take lunch but i took twice for my breakfast which is at 4.00am and 12.30pm. This is my life during exams.

Cameron Highland

22th December - I went to Cameron Highland with my cousins from Singapore and convoy with 3 cars! I just get close with my cousins, Syafiq and Hakim. They were 16 years old. We were not close and know well each other before. We play soccer over there and play hide and seek (p/s: i think we play seek and hide rather then hide and seek) at the hotel (still like a kids right?? :) You know what??? We are taking bath together! HAHAHA.... of course lah not naked!! Thanxx to Uncle Mimi, Uncle Olan, Tok Teh and Aunty Yati for the trip! :) We spent for 3days 2 nights there and return back to Shah Alam on Wednesday, 24th Decembet and arrived at 4.00pm. I really had fun over there. My Singaporean's cousin spent another 2 nights here. I'll bring them to Pakli Section 7 for the chill at night, watched live band @ Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam and shopping at One Utama.

This are the few pictures taken during that time....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


ACCA exams had just over but I as a student can't relax and tired during this holiday because I have to settle 2 things in one time which is for APAcS (Association of Professional Accounting Students) and UEM-Nurture. Our major event held for APAcS is Conference and Annual Grand Dinner which is held on 21st, March, 2009, while for UEM-Nurture, I'm busy for preparing the budget and plan to Kota Kinabalu for a team building and social responsibility for 5days 4nights. Yet I have to find sponsor for both, APAcS amd UEM-Nurture. So far we had RM30k for UEM-Nurture.