Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Utama

19th, February - I went to One Utama with Shaza, Ucop, Shinar & Prof. I pick Ucop first at Jati College then Shinar at her house followed by Shaza and Prof. During i pick up Shaza with my kancil's car, my radiator tube suddenly burst up AGAIN and temperature arise quickly. So i have to stop my car and park nearby to Shaza's house. When the temperature cool down, i put some water on my car's radiator then returning back my house to exchange my car with MYVI. Once i exchange, i'll pick up Prof and straight away go to The Loft Condomiium, KL Sentral to pick up my shoe then straight away we go to One Utama. We had Pink Panther 2 movie over there.. The movie i rated 6.5/10. I'll prefered the first one rather then secont one.

Zahra - Puncak Perdana - Pakli

19th February, 8.45pm - I, Khalis and Ejal went to Zahra for chilling @ Zahra, Sect 13 and meet Ikram, Zikri, Acap, Adli and others over there. At 10pm, I, Khalis and Ejal went to UiTM campus @ Puncak Perdana to meet Ejal's friend until 11pm then straight away going back to Pakli. We arrived there around 11.30pm and chilling until 2.00am. Guess what? I drive manual... hahah.. Its been a while I havnt drive manual and I drive wasnt bad. hahaha...


CAT results!!! CAT results made me really dissapointed. :( Im doing fast-track CAT and no longer called fast track as i fail one paper CAT which is T8 audit. Audit is the lowest pasing rate in the world and so called the toughest paper in CAT. T8 is option paper and only being offered 1st time in UiTM during my batch and only two univesity in Malaysia offered in Malaysia which is UiTM & Sunway University College. So im repeating that paper this semester and can't graduate this semester and can't proceed to ACCA. Beside that, i also couldn't get dean's list. :( I'm taking 4 papers and I only failed 1 paper. So Im thinking of to attend ACCA's classes (F5 & F6), PAM (Islamic study), Bel (Critical Thinking) & CAT's classes (T8 or maybe T10 as well).

Dont let the failure fail through out my entire life. I should be strong and proceed with my life. Let the failure taught me how to be strong and ready to face for the future. Life still have to go on and live happily.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Puan Azlina's Daughter and Son Birthday Party!!

8th February - I attending and helping Puan Azlina's kids birthday party @ The Loft Service Apartment, KL Sentral. Puan Azlina is UITM lecturer and she damn rich, lovely and pretty. She made her kids birthday party beside the pool. She also use Party Planner to plan and organise the birthday party. During that day, there is bouncy castle field, sketch-face, cupcake design, singing competition, scoop-a-duck, drawing and snap-and-print. I think this is the best and coolest birthday party I had ever attend. Many VVIP and VIP coming during that day. Puan Azlina's kids were 3 years old son and 7 years old daughter. We think that Puan Azlina spending Rm20k-Rm30k only for the birthday.