Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Open House 26.10.08

My open house for Eid-Fit Ri celebration this time around held at No 17, Jalan Sastera Dua U2/1B, Seksyen U2, TTDi Jaya, Shah Alam, Selangor on 26,October,2008, 8pm onwards. Sorry if i'm not inviting u because i didn't meet u up. Mostly who came to Eireen's open house are invited to my open house also since I meet my friends there. This time my open house is simple since small number of peoples are invited. Pictures will be uploaded soon and thannnxx 4 coming to my open house. :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


YAHOO!!! I was shortlisted as one of the 9 participants for the Samsung Innov8 Run hunt that being held on the 1st of November 2008 in Klang Valley.

We had a pre-briefing session in Bon Ton Restaurant (Beside Prince Hotel), Kuala Lumpur. This session basically told us what is all about for the so called treasure-hunt and the features of the handphone, Samsung Innov8. I really envy on that handphone as the features are great!, quality sound and beautiful design! The best thing is 8megapixel camera! We received a goody beg for each participants from Samsung. So we divided into 3groups. Each group will have 3 participants and 1 marshal. I was join the Blue team as I draw the blue colour which is consists of Me, Raj and Daniel. So I hope that i could win this game because I really want Innov8 handphone.

To enter this competition, i have to answer a few questions. There are 72 participants entered and I one of the 9 participants being selected! Which is...

How I will describe myself?
I'm a creative, energetic, innovative and technological-men type.

Individualist or team player?

What is the craziest thing i have done?
Throwing a chair to a girl, entertain a lots of people through singing even though my voice are bad!

How was technology change my life?
I can communicate around the world at anytime and anywhere yet cheer up my life with the state-to-the-art entertainment.

Blog address
www.ayieazri.blogspot.com, www.azri-consultations.blogspot.com, www.myspace.com/azri_azmi

Please click here for the link! http://www.innov8run.com/ or here

This are the few pictures taken on that day!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Future Successful Businessman!!

Future Successful Businessman!!

How i gonna be successful??? I will create a network through my contacts from now on. I do have a lots of contact. From now, I can see bigger and better picture for my future with the contact that i have. If you attending dinner, event etc don't be shy to mix around with people because it will boost up your personality skills and yet you have the contact! Through the contact u can be successful person! Sometimes we have to be busy body because to know their background. Once we know, tell our self what he or she could do for me? in terms of business, personal etc. If you don't have contact you might become nobody.

My dream is to open an airline. I know it was impossible for me to open an airlines because i don't have a capital as people might think so. In that case, I will contacts the businessman and combined their fund in terms of equity share so that i could open an airline. I will help the airline in terms of skills how to operate the airlines with cost effectiveness, bombastic strategy, marketing and yet a bit pump up the capital into the airline. i have study a lots in this business and i believe one day i will have my own airline! I will compete with Singapore Airlines, Emirates and our home-grown airline, Malaysia Airlines. Tell yourself that you can I do it and nothing was impossible!! You dreams might become true! I believe it!!!

Sometimes we have to dream big because it will motivate us to become successful person even though we didn't achieve our goals, objectives and dreams! Dont forget the people around you when you become somebody or achieve ur goals. They might help u so to achieve it and yet if u have any problems they might help u so. Sometimes you have to face many problems after achieve your goals. In that case this people might can help u if u still contact them. No matter who they are, what they are... You have to keep in touch and respect them!

Friday, October 17, 2008

APAcS Hari Raya Open Floor...

Date: October, 16th, 2008 (Thursday)
Venue: Level 14, Menara SAAS, UiTM Shah Alam

A lots of food!! Rendang, lemang, Loh See Fun, Cakes, Fruits, Fried Mee, Fried Meehon, Lontong & .... So many food!!! All of this food is catering and its so delicious!!! Every lecturer contribute RM100 for this celebration. With the amount of money we made an open floor to all profesional students.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hahahah.... Talking about my girlfriend... I'm seriously hard to answer it bcoz i don't have one! I like someone in my faculty but she is taken already. Her name is well known by my fren so i wouldn't tell her name.

Currently i don't have one. My type of gf is preferably free hair coz i wanted to hold her hand during our outing time. If she wear scarf that would be OK also. My gf should have a good education background and of course she must be beautiful! Not too-sexy also needed!!! hahaha... Too sexy is too hard to take care. :) Happy go lucky type and understanding gf it would be better because I'm a bit childish.. ;p

Why I don't have gf one?? because im waiting until im reach age of 21 or 22 after i graduated my ACCA. When i started working i have my own source of income so i wouldn't rely on my parents to support me for the relationship like phone calls, food & movie bcoz i was not born in wealthy family. I just go with the flow.... If I have now that would be good or else i have to wait! :)

Having a relationship is big matter and it is not easy as people might think so! Yet i'm afraid to attach now because it is still a long journey for me until i married at age 28-30 or latest is by age of 27. If I couple too long it might wouldn't last until I married. If i have to married earlier then i put it under my consideration. It depends whether i have good financial to support her and my new family

Sunday, October 12, 2008

2nd Week of Hari Raya!!

Nothing much happen on 2nd week of Hari Raya. Classes as usual... I think this year Hari Raya wasn't great compared to previous years of Hari Raya. So much less fireworks, open house and lastly the preparation of Hari Raya including buying new clothes etc....

Due the lack of celebration of Hari Raya, I & Khalis decided to catch a movie @ Cineleisure, Damansara on Friday night. We have invited Zikri to come along but he had a test on Saturday. So only two of us went there. We reached there at 12.15am but the movie already closed. :( so we chill out at Starbucks, The Curve as we park our car at The Curve. we went back at 2.00am. On my way back to Shah Alam, we had Burger King for very late night dinner and Khalis sleep over my house. On last Saturday, I went to my uncle's house and followed by Ikram's open house at afternoon (CEO of Avon Asia Pacific's son) and returned at 3.00pm. On my way to send Khalis back home, we stopped at McD for a while due the hot temperature of the weather. During our stop, raining just started and its getting heavily until it flood the road near McD, sect 3, Shah Alam. At night, Shafeeqa made an open-house so she invited only a few of her friends. After that, I went to Rasta, TTDi with my schoolmate friends. On Sunday, I went to Dhanea's open house and a few friends open house i skipped out due to distance. i mean its far! -end-

The Curve

Chicken, Eireen & Zikri

Liyana & Azri

Mao & Eqa

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A good listener, problem solver, motivations and consultations!

Visit!!! www.azri-consultations.blogspot.com

The place for the peoples who need a good listener to share their problems, problem solver to solve their problems, consultations and motivations....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A day before Raya....

07.00am: Departed from Subang Airport

08.00am: Arrived to Kuala Terrengganu.

09.00am: Visited Masjid Kristal

10.00am: Arrived at Nenek's crib.

11.00am: Sleepppppzzzzzzzz...................

02.30pm: Woke-up!!

03.30pm: Looking 4 berbuka delicacies....

8.30pm: Preapre for Hari Raya for tomorrow...

This are the few pictures taken by me when i was looking delicacies for break-fast and preparation for tomorrow Hari Raya.