Saturday, August 30, 2008

A friend of mine!

name die is milo.... milo is one of my fren same school since primary school until secondary. she always talk about her problem to me but i keep it as a secret but the think is when i told my problem to her, she used the problem for her own advantages. so she create a fighting or misunderstanding with another fren which is her name is pipi. hehehe.... she made up pipi misunderstanding with me. she create stupid story as u know! eventhough i already explain to pipi what are happen exactly but of course the pipi hav -ve think side of me. klau xde pun mestilah die rase lain mcm kan kan kan??? ramai experience this a lotsssssss with herr.. so be careful next time... :)


Eireen Camelia said...

chill dude. i know that lucky bastarddd... hehehe

malehaha said...

guess what!
i know that lucky bastardd too.
what a small world! :)

Eireen Camelia said...

dang, molly u know her also..... i thot azri n i je kena. i anggap dia as kakak b4.. but mntang2 da lama tak jumpe, snggup die buat hal to me and azri.

srry azri, luahan hati skejap. sigh.

btw plis plis plis jgn gtau dia. i dun wan die mara2. i know she's far away frm us, kerja and all that. but we didnt deserve her behaviour!