Friday, September 5, 2008


hehehe... This Friday i went to Lembah Beringin again to pick up my friend, Azam. I drove Naza Suria which is belongs to Khairil. Before that, I went to One Utama for a movie and shopping at Hotel Armada for Energie Brand warehouse. I bought 2 clothes, 1 wallet and 1 beg that cost me RM494. wahhh!!!! i calculated it about RM383 but one of the item is only 50% discount instead of 70%. I dont have cash that time as I only bring RM400. So the credit card save me for this time BUT once the bank statement show the total amount i had spend surely i die! so i decided to paid before the bank statement so i can hide the overdue balance eventhough i can't hide the trasactions. After that, I went to UiTM for APAcS meating. I was late that time coz i forgot the meeting!!! Thannxx to Jo for reminding me. :) at 5.30, Khairil pick me up at UiTM because we're going to pick up Azam at KYUEM, Lembah Beringin. We have to pick up Azam because his parents went for umrah for 2weeks. We was late because of KK pick me up so late. I drove again about 13okm/hr slightly slower then last week to catch for berbuka. we manage to pick me up Azam and reach Shah Alam back at 10mins after berbuka. We berbuka puasa with Dates and buscuit which is Azam brought along. Actually, we had plan to go to Bazaar Ramadhan at Subang (where the hot peoples meet me. hahaha....). So we had no food that time, so we decided to return Azam's bungalow house. We tried to find food so that we can cook. We took all the food and bring to Azam's condo by Azam's bmw 5series car. We cook "Maggi Goreng" and Macroni and Cheese.... nyum2.... it was so delicous. On top of that we had Lays. We had our "berbuka puasa" at 9pm!!! hahaha..... by 10.30 we returned home.

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jihan said...

hahah...maggi goreng and lays? yum~