Tuesday, August 19, 2008


BARISAN NASIONAL VS PARTI KEADILAN RAKYAT! for this election coming on 26, August. For those who are talented and think outside the box please read this! Anwar is great speaker but he wasn't a great leader. He is a good leader in destroying BUMIS! I can't deny that BN has a lots of corruption but who is developed our country? and become respectable country around the world especially from Middle East who are really respest us in terms of economy and harmony. Let the past election taught BN how to perform well without corruption. Anwar always giving a lots of manifesto. If u read u are INTRESTED but how he manage tgo fullfil the manifesto?????? Where the money come from??? In the last election, PKR manifesto for Selangor giving a lots of allowances such us for students who are persue study in government's universities. Where is the money?? I been waiting!! Anwar said that if he become the PM he wanted to reduce the fuel price. If u think it back again. who contol the fuel price??? is it Malaysia??? Malaysia export our fuel because of its good quality but the amount is small and import fuel from overseas. Maybe the government can give A LOTS of subsidies. Instead of giving a lots of subsidies, we need that fund for our economy purpose! Venezuela is one of the lowest fuel price yet is the highest infliation in the world!! think it back again.

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