Monday, August 25, 2008

The Truth About Myself!!

Dear Human,

Im not rich like u or rich as u think. If u see what i have now is from my own saving. I know how to save my money. For examples, every week, my dad will give me money. I will use the money for petrol, food (which i eat only RM1/day for 5days), 1 movie ticket etc and the rest i put into my savings. Sometimes, i can manage to save RM25/week. Once i return home on the evening, i eat for my lunch. So that I could save my money. In college, I only buy nuggets, wantan, sausage etc that cost me RM1/each. The money that I have now is from my own saving. So don't ever think that I'm rich. I do travel a lots and the money I have is from my savings. During Hari Raya, my parents have their own budget to buy hari raya clothes for me. Not like ur parents, they doesn't have budget. WHAT U WANT, UR PARENTS WILL BUY IT FOR U! So I'm using the money to pay my airfares to Indonesia and use my saving for shopping. On top of that, my parents will give me at least RM200 to me for the expenses trip there. (RM100 from my mom & RM100 from my dad)

Beside that, I love to gossip. Actually, not really gossip but share my problems with my frens. One of them is a gurl name tut. I love to become her fren coz she is a good listener BUT she back step sometimes. Use my problems to gain her own advantages. I always talk with her and she agreed what i said and admit it also! but when it come to her fren, she tell the wrong side. So it would make a "conflict" of me and her fren. Sometime i dont know why and how she could do this to me! No wonder a lots of peoples doesn't like her but i take a positive side of her that make me wanna become her frens. bla bla bla... Mlas nak story lagi... What my lecturer said, Madam Rose... "Don't give up!" & "Think Outside The Box!"


Eireen Camelia said...
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Eireen Camelia said...

whoi grammar errorrrr! correction sila submit sebelum jumaat. haha. huh, pmpuan cmtu aku pon pnah jd wanita hipokrit profesional gak. sng je kje wanita hipokrit ni, nak tau cter sbnr. last2 aku yg penat. aku master bab2 ni hahaha. ko ni bia benaaarr.. gle bagus cara ko saving. aku pon takleh nk camtu. siot.