Friday, August 29, 2008

Avril Lavigne

Yeahhhh!!! I went to the Avril's concert last nite with KK & Azam... huhuh... pick up Azam at Lembah Beringin. Im late because of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at UiTM for Association of Profesional Accounting Students (APAcS). Before the AGM I went to Limkokwing in Cyberjaya. I taught I could meet Mimi in Putrajaya but unfortunately I forgot I have AGM at 3. I drived 140km/hr to Lembah Beringin!! I have to rush for Avril!! We made it about 40mins from Shah Alam to KYUEM, Lembah Beringun! We reached Stadium Merdeka at 9pm++. huhuh.. After the concert we had a walk in Bukit Bintang..... The performance was ok!! she's really sporting yet happening... only the crowd wasn't big enough. i mean the audiences.

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fatin said...

pergh.. azri gi konsert avril!