Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One Utama, Kedai Kopi & Pak Li

Yesterday, i hang out with my school friends which is Eireen, Zikri, Eqa, Ilya, KK & Aziz to One Utama and watched Mirrors. The movie was ok not really bad but a bid scary! hahahaha.... After the movie we went to shoppings for Hari Raya (cepatnyee....) hahaha.... then at 5pm we're going back to shah alam and went to Kedai Kopi. We chill out there untl 6.30pm. At night i chill out with Maliha & Hamzah at Pakli. Share many problems. Sgt best!! hahaha.... Balik lambt sampai kedai nak tutup! huhuhu....

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