Monday, September 15, 2008


hahahah... loser to the leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat!! Tomorrow is 16, September and he said that he will become a prime minister as he can cater 49 BN parliament seat in Sabah......

If you think back again.... Anwar is a good speaker but not a good leader!! he is good in manipulate people and made a racist problem so that he can cater the voters yet the parliament seat!! no one said that he wasn't a good speaker but be careful when u listen to his speech because it might manipulate the fact! more over, formally he was a financial minister and create many agreements that will effect in economic decisions in the future. where else it happens now!!! but he pointed his fingers to the BN government for the increasing fuel etc bla bla bla but he didnt notice that a few fingers pointed back to him.... that is we call a dirty politic!!! did anwar build the KLIA, twin towers, Sepang circuit etc...?? it wasn't so.... BN government do all this. what he contribute towards the development of the country?? i wasn't see so. maybe i was blind to him. the lottery company also fund him for the election campaign and corruption!!!

more or else i can't deny that BN government have a lots of corruptions. that is we call a politic but with the current election result will gave the BN government as lesson towards their corruption. in this world it wouldn't have a free corruption country! more over, the last election also show how big corruptions happen in BN governments but they try to encounter or overcome this problems. As u read in newspapers, a lots of BN's people held in corruption so in mean time or later on the corruption will reduce tremendously! so i hope that BN government can contribute to the Malaysia without having a lots of corruption as they can minimise it by now. it just a more or less make differ from one country to other countries. Just for a really good examples, did Anwar FREE from CORRUPTIONS??? I think for our prime minister, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi he should seat down as more voices coming out that he should leave the position as prime minister as most malaysian has no confident towards him rather then Mahathir!!! I woulddn't say that i support 100% BN government it just a few matters.... i wish PM and Khairy Jamaludin should seat down as more voices coming from opposition and yet from BN voices also wanted them to leave.


Anonymous said...

You're just a kid who can't make his own judgment but blog of what you heard outside. You're exactly the type of naive followers that BN is manipulating and controlling like a puppy with a leash.

Go out and understand the world before airing your baseless opinions in the world wide web.

Anonymous said...

yeah just a new kid on the block