Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Break-fast @ Pyramid

29th, September - I trimmed my hair @ Thomas & Guys, Subang Parade. My hair now look better without mess yet smart and long. hahahha.....

After that, I went for break-fast with Ilya, Eireen, Eqa, Laq, Hamzah, Mao & Shahzamir at Italinese (I'm not sure whether the spelling is correct or not). We went there by Perdana V6, accompanied by Eireen and Ilya. We went there earlier then the 2nd car coz they were late. At the first moment, we was planned to go to Tiara Jacquelina's restaurant but one of my fren said that it was expensive yet the food wasn't good enough. So we decided to go to Italinese (last mins!). The food was really ok! I shared with Eireen & Ilya. We ordered pizza and pasta! for our drink, we ordered special-recommended by waiter. So coOoOoOLLL!! During the paytime, me, Eireen & Ilya paid included tax but one of my fren said that i'm calculative person. I know "kaya" is a rich & yet rm20 materiality for me but then its already solve. The word that "kaya" said to me is too mean.

After Sunway, I, Illya, Eireen & Aziz went to Burger King for "lepak-ing" until 11pm then i returned home to section 6 house.

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