Saturday, October 25, 2008


YAHOO!!! I was shortlisted as one of the 9 participants for the Samsung Innov8 Run hunt that being held on the 1st of November 2008 in Klang Valley.

We had a pre-briefing session in Bon Ton Restaurant (Beside Prince Hotel), Kuala Lumpur. This session basically told us what is all about for the so called treasure-hunt and the features of the handphone, Samsung Innov8. I really envy on that handphone as the features are great!, quality sound and beautiful design! The best thing is 8megapixel camera! We received a goody beg for each participants from Samsung. So we divided into 3groups. Each group will have 3 participants and 1 marshal. I was join the Blue team as I draw the blue colour which is consists of Me, Raj and Daniel. So I hope that i could win this game because I really want Innov8 handphone.

To enter this competition, i have to answer a few questions. There are 72 participants entered and I one of the 9 participants being selected! Which is...

How I will describe myself?
I'm a creative, energetic, innovative and technological-men type.

Individualist or team player?

What is the craziest thing i have done?
Throwing a chair to a girl, entertain a lots of people through singing even though my voice are bad!

How was technology change my life?
I can communicate around the world at anytime and anywhere yet cheer up my life with the state-to-the-art entertainment.

Blog address,,

Please click here for the link! or here

This are the few pictures taken on that day!


ku E said...
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ku E said...

i kinda can't wait to get going. i have attended bloggers party before, but this kinda stuff is gonna be my first time. i have been selected as one of the lucky bloggers... wohooo!!! ;)