Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hahahah.... Talking about my girlfriend... I'm seriously hard to answer it bcoz i don't have one! I like someone in my faculty but she is taken already. Her name is well known by my fren so i wouldn't tell her name.

Currently i don't have one. My type of gf is preferably free hair coz i wanted to hold her hand during our outing time. If she wear scarf that would be OK also. My gf should have a good education background and of course she must be beautiful! Not too-sexy also needed!!! hahaha... Too sexy is too hard to take care. :) Happy go lucky type and understanding gf it would be better because I'm a bit childish.. ;p

Why I don't have gf one?? because im waiting until im reach age of 21 or 22 after i graduated my ACCA. When i started working i have my own source of income so i wouldn't rely on my parents to support me for the relationship like phone calls, food & movie bcoz i was not born in wealthy family. I just go with the flow.... If I have now that would be good or else i have to wait! :)

Having a relationship is big matter and it is not easy as people might think so! Yet i'm afraid to attach now because it is still a long journey for me until i married at age 28-30 or latest is by age of 27. If I couple too long it might wouldn't last until I married. If i have to married earlier then i put it under my consideration. It depends whether i have good financial to support her and my new family


sha said...

Oooo Azri who's the giiirl? :p
Oh wait, I know. Mesti between u n ATMAN je kann.
Aww come on tell me, kita kan kawan seaudit XD

Anonymous said...
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