Monday, October 20, 2008

Future Successful Businessman!!

Future Successful Businessman!!

How i gonna be successful??? I will create a network through my contacts from now on. I do have a lots of contact. From now, I can see bigger and better picture for my future with the contact that i have. If you attending dinner, event etc don't be shy to mix around with people because it will boost up your personality skills and yet you have the contact! Through the contact u can be successful person! Sometimes we have to be busy body because to know their background. Once we know, tell our self what he or she could do for me? in terms of business, personal etc. If you don't have contact you might become nobody.

My dream is to open an airline. I know it was impossible for me to open an airlines because i don't have a capital as people might think so. In that case, I will contacts the businessman and combined their fund in terms of equity share so that i could open an airline. I will help the airline in terms of skills how to operate the airlines with cost effectiveness, bombastic strategy, marketing and yet a bit pump up the capital into the airline. i have study a lots in this business and i believe one day i will have my own airline! I will compete with Singapore Airlines, Emirates and our home-grown airline, Malaysia Airlines. Tell yourself that you can I do it and nothing was impossible!! You dreams might become true! I believe it!!!

Sometimes we have to dream big because it will motivate us to become successful person even though we didn't achieve our goals, objectives and dreams! Dont forget the people around you when you become somebody or achieve ur goals. They might help u so to achieve it and yet if u have any problems they might help u so. Sometimes you have to face many problems after achieve your goals. In that case this people might can help u if u still contact them. No matter who they are, what they are... You have to keep in touch and respect them!

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