Sunday, October 12, 2008

2nd Week of Hari Raya!!

Nothing much happen on 2nd week of Hari Raya. Classes as usual... I think this year Hari Raya wasn't great compared to previous years of Hari Raya. So much less fireworks, open house and lastly the preparation of Hari Raya including buying new clothes etc....

Due the lack of celebration of Hari Raya, I & Khalis decided to catch a movie @ Cineleisure, Damansara on Friday night. We have invited Zikri to come along but he had a test on Saturday. So only two of us went there. We reached there at 12.15am but the movie already closed. :( so we chill out at Starbucks, The Curve as we park our car at The Curve. we went back at 2.00am. On my way back to Shah Alam, we had Burger King for very late night dinner and Khalis sleep over my house. On last Saturday, I went to my uncle's house and followed by Ikram's open house at afternoon (CEO of Avon Asia Pacific's son) and returned at 3.00pm. On my way to send Khalis back home, we stopped at McD for a while due the hot temperature of the weather. During our stop, raining just started and its getting heavily until it flood the road near McD, sect 3, Shah Alam. At night, Shafeeqa made an open-house so she invited only a few of her friends. After that, I went to Rasta, TTDi with my schoolmate friends. On Sunday, I went to Dhanea's open house and a few friends open house i skipped out due to distance. i mean its far! -end-

The Curve

Chicken, Eireen & Zikri

Liyana & Azri

Mao & Eqa

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