Friday, December 26, 2008

Life @ Mcd Sect 3.

I studied almost every nights for my final exams at Mcdonald Section 3 from 10pm to 6am last month (November and a few days on December). I hope I could pass the exams. Mcd is like my second house during finals. hehehe... I really wish that I could proceed with ACCA without repeat any CAT papers. Redza, Zue, Azira, Asyrin, and..... of my friends were stayed up with me last time. I arrived at home around 6.20am every day and wake up at 12.00pm. Then I took my bath and breakfast and straight away go to UiTM's library until 6.30pm every weekdays. I rest until 10.00pm then i drove to Mcd. During my rest time, i had sleep for a few minutes, bathing and dinner. I don't take lunch but i took twice for my breakfast which is at 4.00am and 12.30pm. This is my life during exams.


illya syaheera said...

go azri!! salute lah kau!!

ayie_azri said...

huhuh.... thanxx illya...!!