Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dolly's Bday Party!!

28 December - My sister, Dolly had just celebrated her belated 8th years old birthday at my TTDi Jaya's house. Red and white choosen by her as a theme for the birthday party as she really like and addicted with High School Musical! What a boring??!! Haha.. Kids right? We used to be liked that during our kids time. So i have to accept that. The birthday cake we make a special order for her which is High School Musical's cake and the party design by my mom's shop as she doing interior desinger, wedding planner and party planner. Hehe... Actually her birthday falls on 26th, December which is on Thursday. So we decided to celebrate her birthday on weekend on 28th December, 2008 (Sunday) as my mom work on weekdays and a lots of people couldn't come if we make the party on weekdays. This are the few pictures taken during that day....

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