Friday, December 26, 2008

Cameron Highland

22th December - I went to Cameron Highland with my cousins from Singapore and convoy with 3 cars! I just get close with my cousins, Syafiq and Hakim. They were 16 years old. We were not close and know well each other before. We play soccer over there and play hide and seek (p/s: i think we play seek and hide rather then hide and seek) at the hotel (still like a kids right?? :) You know what??? We are taking bath together! HAHAHA.... of course lah not naked!! Thanxx to Uncle Mimi, Uncle Olan, Tok Teh and Aunty Yati for the trip! :) We spent for 3days 2 nights there and return back to Shah Alam on Wednesday, 24th Decembet and arrived at 4.00pm. I really had fun over there. My Singaporean's cousin spent another 2 nights here. I'll bring them to Pakli Section 7 for the chill at night, watched live band @ Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam and shopping at One Utama.

This are the few pictures taken during that time....

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