Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cat Boarding Service in Shah Alam

I'm doing cat boarding service since a year ago and I'm almost forgot to publish it in my blog as a medium tool for marketing. Basically I'm charging RM10/cat/day exclude food and other services. Due to lack of capital, I only have two big cage. Usually during the peak season, you have to book earlier so that you can use my cage. However if the cage already book or occupy, you may bring your own cage and I'll take care of your cats. Don't worry! I wouldn't squeeze your cats in one cage regardless of their size. 1 cat, 1 cage. This are the summary...

1) Price: RM10/cat/day.
2) Location: Section 6, Shah Alam.
3) Only 2 cage provided, so book earlier.
4) Discount will be given on your 4th cats.
5) Food does not provided to avoid allergy. Friskies//Whiskies will be given at charge of RM3/day.
6) Does not include medicine, grooming and bathing.
7) For more informations, you may contact me at 0132463626 (Azri)

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