Sunday, January 23, 2011

I see opportunity and they see nothing..

I wrote this specially for Malaysia Airlines management team, not to condem but there is a room for them to capture the market. I see opportunity and they see nothing. I can see there is opportunity to deploy new routes such as.....

Kuala Lumpur - Tehran - Moscow and vise versa.
As you know, a lot of Arabic or to be specific Iranian migrating to Malaysia or work or business or further study here. Iranian do fly to Moscow especially for technology discussion and technology transfer for military. Iran Air do offer to Kuala lumpur and Moscow service. However, Iran only cater low-medium traveller because lack of quality products. Malaysia Airlines can fulfil this gap by deploying a new route from Kuala Lumpur to Moscow and transit in Tehran.

Kuala Lumpur - Kuwait - New York or Kuala Lumpur - Kuwait - Zurich or vice versa
Look to our competitor, Garuda Airlines. Before they capture the market to Amsterdam route, they introduce Jakarta - Dubai - Amsterdam route until when the direct flight is needed with high demand. Transit will help them to fill the empty seats. Kuwait is one of the rich with oil country and consider wealthy country. Kuwait do have their own national carier, Kuwait Airways but the product offering cannot beat Malaysia Airlines and I can see there is opportunity for Malaysia Airlines to capture the market in this route. Singapore Airlines do offer Singapore - Zurich direct flights with largest aircraft ever build, A380. Malaysia Airlines loss the market share to Singapore Airlines and need something refresh and new to deploy to respective routes.

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