Monday, January 4, 2010

Jakarta - Bandung!

27th -31st December 2009 - I just returned back from Jakarta and Bandung for my holidays. It was fun and I had a great time. I meet my existing and newly friends there. Indonesians are really friendly like Malaysian too but not like Singaporeans... However, there is a few things that Indonesian government should improve their country such as public transport (equip with a new buses and LRT/MRT) & no illegal potter service. Some of "worm" bought the train ticket 1st and sell it at higher price to us. So when the customer go to the counter, the tickets are sold out and these worms come to us and sell it at higher price. I felt they cheated me very well. The government should supervise or using ticketing machine to prevent this. I hate the potter service because they are forcing us to use their service and sometimes they do first then request for the tips! The food wasn't really cheap but an average is cheaper then Malaysia cafe. Their train should be upgraded or at least the cleanliness should be improved. When it comes to shopping in Jakarta, u have to do survey in your country 1st because i found that some of the brands it is more expensive compared to my country, Malaysia. However, in Bandung, u have to find a good and quality outlet and every things is cheap. I like Amanda brownies in Bandung. The brownies so tasty and wide range of flavors. Lastly don;t forget to eat baked cheese banana! I like Indonesia very much and I will go there again.

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