Saturday, November 15, 2008


Don’t ever think that you smart you can be successful. Yes you can be successful but only in education matters where else in the corporate world most of the CEO or successful business man are more into leadership skill and extrovert rather than book wise-person. For me, I defined the book wise person who scored well every examination, study 24-7, study with a book, eat with book, and sleep with a book. Perhaps maybe dream with a book!

You can rely doing the work to book wise person. They are doing work very well but no intention to achieving something good. Maybe they have ambition or what so ever but they doesn’t show towards on it. Mostly this type of person is introvert.

Where else, the extrovert and leadership person is good in strategies the plan and succeed their objectives. They more often get arguments by their colleague as the plan might not perfect or disagree by some of people. This type of people also easily get job offer as the track records are good in the planning.

In a team we can divide by a nine type of person which is implementer, coordinator, shaper, plant, resource investigator, monitor evaluator, team worker, complete finisher and specialist. Each of nine oriented roles has its strength and weakness, and can be categories into three groups which are Action Oriented, People Oriented and Thought Oriented. I already done the test any my result is resource investigator! Now I know who I am. Thus I will use my qualities to achieve my ambition.

So don’t be snobbish for those who so called ‘intelligent’ people or book-wise type of person. Doesn't mean your are smart you have bright path on your life!

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