Thursday, February 16, 2012


January 15th, 2012- Arggghh!! I was driving at night around 10pm from my TTDi Jaya house to Section 6 house in Shah Alam. When I entered the roundabout, I was the first car behind the line. Before that there was a Kancil car in front of me but he just entered the roundabout. My lane was clear on that time to enter the roundabout but I didn't notice his car was on emergency brake (I dont know why he have to put on emergency break and he blame another car in front of his car which I didn't see any car)and I hit his car. I have to pay RM600 to repair his car and RM500 to repaint my car for scratches. My car was ok except few scratches. However the Kancil was heavily damaged.