Sunday, November 6, 2011

MAS Didn't Take This Opportunity To Market Their Brands

October 29, 2011 - Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) could take this opportunity to market their brands, products and services when Qantas (the national carrier for Australia) grounded its entire fleets. There is a several way how to improve MAS presence in Australia. Which are:-

1) Market their brands and products since there is a huge number of passengers traveling to Europe and Asian countries from Australia.
2) MAS could act as a feeder for Qantas by offering a flight to Qantas' passengers to Europe and Asian countries from Australia and in return Qantas will pay MAS for using MAS fleets.

MAS has good services, one of the World's Best Cabin Crew and a 5-Stars airlines. MAS-Qantas has a good relationship and recently MAS join One World is sponsored by Qantas but MAS didnt take this opportunity to market them. MAS should be more sensitive next time.

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